Friday, January 29, 2010

Sew & Tell

I finished this top!  I got a picture of the whole thing, but since it is a signature quilt I decided not to use it in order to protect the names of the families in our Bible group.  There are lots of minors involved.  I did decide to show you all a picture of a block full of verses picked out for the recipient.  I will talk with his family after it is gifted about sharing more of his story.
Here you can see what the border looks like.  I am planning to use white thread to stitch on the white, but have not decided what thread to use on the border.  The back will be this white sheet from Target, with a few scraps of the purples from the top.  I am afraid that white will be too stark on the boarder.  Purple will be stark on the back.  Not excited about using clear thread.  Any ideas would be welcome!!
Siggy blocks and potholders are going out in the mail today!  Yay!!!!  Nothing more than a sneak peek until the gift is given on those potholders!!  Then I will post them here, and on the flickr group.
On a final note, the giveaway deadline is 9 p.m. EST tonight!  It has blessed me greatly to know that I am not alone in being a little...scattered.  Today while finishing the boarder, I sewed for nearly a yard before realizing that the bobbin had run out.  Good thing that so many of you have mentioned doing the same thing, I didn't feel a bit bad!  If you have a moment, read down through the comments here on my giveaway post, I have been truly blessed by all you great ladies have shared.  It has made a week of struggling much easier to bear.  (And given me several cases of the giggles too!)  I started out trying to answer all of the comments, but soon became overwhelmed.  I have an old, slow computer.  Please all know that you have made this a wonderful experience, and you have given more than I can give back.
Please click on the Sew & Tell Friday button on the side bar to visit more wonderful ladies, and wonderful finishes!
Blessings back at you all!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

KT's Chaos Continues: The Giveaway!

Today I have:  finished signing my siggy swap blocks, put the first border on my first siggy quilt, done two loads of laundry, and managed to keep the house running in order.  This begs the question, "Is multi-tasking the root of all evil absent-mindedness?".
To celebrate surviving the chaos that was yesterday, I am going to share ALL of the above pictured Flea Market Fancy with one of you.  This is my first giveaway, so please go easy on me!

1.  One entry per person.  For kicks, tell me some of the crazy things you have absent-mindedly done!!! (Just for fun, not required.)
2.  You are welcome to blog about this or start following my blog, but since this is my first time out, NO EXTRA ENTRIES.  I think that it will just be easier on me.  Remember, I have been a little muddled!

Deadline for entry is 9 p.m. ET Friday evening.
I will try to use a random number generator to pick the winner, but no promises that I will be able to figure that out at this point!  I will draw names if need be.
I will do my best to announce the winner Monday morning. :0)

Remember to make sure I have your email information, you wouldn't want to miss out on FMF!
Blessings to you all!


Losing my...

Yep the day got crazier and crazier, or maybe I did.  I went to that quilt shop that I always stop at before grocery shopping.  I found 8 fat quarters of Flea Market Fancy!!  I had to pay full price for them...$2.75 each!  Of course I bought them!
Then I made a quick run to Goodwill.  Nothing.  That's okay.
Hopped out of the car at Walmart, and just as the door was slamming...I realized my keys were in there!!!  I had to call Treasure.  He is in the middle of a big job, and had to wait until after a meeting.  I had to spend almost 5 hours at Walmart.  And it was my fault.  GRRRRRRRRRR.
But I got the groceries.
And the Flea Market Fancy!
And I found my recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to spread the wealth and will be giving away some of that FMF.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flibberty Jibbets

I think that I am losing my mind.  Misplacing things, forgetting things, and ruining things because of thoughtlessness.  Case in point, you should never, not ever put your camera near your iron!!!

Especially if it is your husband's camera!  This is what you get. 

Then you have to make one of these!!!  Oh, this is much more comfortable anyhow.  Since it is Treasure's camera, I refrained from girly colors.  No purple, sniff.

Also, while talking on the phone with Dee, I managed to lose a whole stack of our favorite recipes.  It only took about 3 seconds!!  I was going to copy some of them for a friend, walked into the next room to get blank cards, when I came back they were gone.  Poof!  There weren't any elves in sight to blame.  Totally my fault.  We have been searching for them for an hour!!!!  I wish my house were big enough to justify the time spent!  (Insert nervous chuckle)  I think that I might just be a little...flibberty jibbets.

Blessings to you all,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet Bess

We met this weekend and she has come home with me to stay.  She is much more mature than I.  I like her that way!  Treasure gave her to me on a recent trip to antique shop.  I had been looking for one.  Many that I find do not stand.

Bess is a "Perfection Ironing Board".  See her Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?  I will attest, she "stands absolutely rigid"

She only cost $10, and she had more surface area than my boring old board!

Since she was bare, I had to clothe her.  I had been saving this fabric for just such a time.  It is purple!!!!!

Here she is with Ro.  They make a great team.  They are getting ready to tackle pressing binding for my Potholder Pass Potholders.  Can't show those till they are gifted!

Still haven't found that SD card.  It is a small thing, but field trip and Christmas pictures were on there that had not been downloaded.  Lesson learned.  Could you all say a little prayer that it shows up?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I won!!  Thanks to Dee!
She awarded me with the Lemonade Stand Award!  Now, I don't think she means that I am sour...
The award was given for attitude and gratitude.  Me?!?

Now, I am to spread the love!  Yay!!!

Ten Bloggers/Blogs that I find encouraging:

2.  Tara at TINY GLUTTON
3.  Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew
4.  Amber at one shabby chick
5.  Amy at During Quiet Time
6.  Amy at A Commonplace Life
8.  Amy at Diary of a Quilter
9.  Amy at Park City Girl
10.  Monica at The Homespun Heart
(Yes 4 Amys, and 6 of ten names start with A!  I am often confused by whose blog I saw what on!!)  Should they choose to accept this award, they need to spread the love by awarding 10 nothers on their blogs, and then  telling them in their comnments.
These ladies make me smile, encouraging me in family, faith, and fabric!!  Hope you all stop in and visit them in a spare moment.

Oh, I also apologize for there being no pictures.  Someone has borrowed, and ahem, misplaced my SD card.  (I keep telling myself, attitude and gratitude! LOL!)  Hopefully I will have some updates on my projects later this week.

Off to tell the winners!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Finish, and more craziness from KT

Made these this week with free fabric from Dee.  She won them, used some, then gave them to me. Thanks!  I think that there was too much testosterone at her house!  Now they have new life as library bags!!  Yay!

The next bit of craziness is that I dreamt about fabric one night this week.  Not so weird you say, well maybe not...  But just one fabric, not what I would make with it, not in any context what so ever.  Just a still photo dream of a fabric.  Sorry, I think that is just a little out there!!  Then, the next morning, I looked at some more Friday Finishes and see this bag on Amy's blog (She probably thinks that I am a nut after the comment I left!).  The fabric!!!! 
Well, that's not all folks.  I visited one of my favorite local quilt shops the next day. the remnant bin...Katie Jump Rope Blue Ribbons!!!  What was I to do?  The green Katie Jump Rope was in the clearance room!!!!  Bliss.  Then, I got to pick a free fat quarter.  No way, Flea Market Fancy!!!!  Yep, free.  Don't hate me too much, it is the only Flea Market Fancy I own.

I already have plans for it of course!
Be sure to check out all the other wonderful finishes by clicking the Sew & Tell button on my sidebar!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Only three more sets of Siggys left!  The milk glass cradle is a Goodwill find that for $1.99, made my week.  I have a thing for milk glass anyway.  Perfect.  Siggy babies are resting comfortably.  Below are the last three prints left.  Couldn't resist adding a couple more fabrics to the set after I came up with an idea for the babies (Nods to amandajean of crazymomquilts).  That's all that I am saying about that!

I am in the process of getting all the signatures for this quilt!  I need to square these babies.  Who would have ever thought that I would get sick of babies?  These may go into the "stash" as my mind is not enthralled with them like it is the Wildwood babies.  We quilters can be fickle.

Here are the babies all tucked in.

Is it weird to think that this is pretty?  I am always a little sad to throw this away.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do these people not sleep?

I placed a couple fabric orders late Friday night.  I got some of the fabric in Monday's mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How in the world?!?!?!  Now, I am only today getting shipping confirmation on the other orders, and that is totally reasonable, but to already have beautiful fabric in my hot, greedy little hands......well, that is just insanely quick!!
Want to see?

More Wildwood, for my siggy swap and Dolce.  Yum!

Meadow Sweet (for some reason the print on the bottom reminds me of the Orange Blossom perfume that my Grandparents always brought me back from Florida when I was little!) and more Dolce.

I was trying not to buy more fabric, but these are for already planned quilts.  Well, most of them!  That is my excuse, and I am sticking to it!!!

Where did I get this speedy, quick fabric you ask?

And a nice little magnet calendar too!! 

Wow, they're good!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Siggy Swap, Pass, and Tango

Here are my Siggys so far.  All 73 of them.  I thought that I would do 12 of each print.  (Yes, I ended up ordering two more Wildwood prints.  For shame, I shouldn't have done it!)  I know, 73 is not a multiple of 12, but I miscounted in a sleep deprived stupor!  Oh well, I need 101, so there is the 1!  I also realize the 12 doesn't go into 101.  I need extras.  Afore mentioned miscount is proof positive that I am fallible.  You can see how the swap is going by clicking on the button on my side bar.  It will take you to the flickr group.

Over at Quiet Time there is a potholder pass.  Who doesn't need cute potholders?  I figure it is just my size commitment.  I am a little to nervous about things to contribute a block to somebody's quilt, let alone commit to doing a block a month for block swaps.  I never know when we are going to be out of commission due to sickies!  But a potholder pass, brilliant!  I someone really hates what I make (I am really hoping to please someone) it is just going to get used and stained anyway.  It also appeals to my no nonsense practicality.  I am kinda hoping that my partner wants some cheerful Wildwood.  My brain is loving working with these fabrics.  Anyhow, please consider signing up the deadline to enter is January 16th! 

Well, I have used up all my words.  Off to Tango.  Those are due January 30th!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Blessings and Curses

Blessing:  I got in the Siggy Swap!  It is my first swap ever and I am totally excited!!!!  And I cut all of my 3 1/2" white squares yesterday on what I thought was Kona Snow.

Curse:  I later found the labeled Kona snow, and only had enough to make 81 squares (I need 101 + some for bad handwriting errors).

Blessing:  I had already ordered more Kona Snow this morning from Hancock's of Paducah.  They are fast, plus, Kona was on sale for 20% off.  So of course I ordered some "Earth" for my next quilt!

Curse:  I had to stick to my commitment not to buy more fabric until I have completed most of my existing projects.  And so I removed all of this---

(Yes, the picture is from Fat Quarter Shop.  I figure they could use the advertising too.  I have ordered from them as well with great results.)

from my cart...

Blessing:  I only have to finish two more blocks of my Siggy Quilt!!!!!

Blessing:  I may have time to do that today!!!

Blessing:  I have babies to sew that I will add to the back of my Siggy Quilt.

Blessing:  I have this fabric to cut and use for my Siggy Swap!

Ain't life rough all over! ;o)

Blessings to you,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

modern siggy swap. {button.}

modern siggy swap. {button.}, originally uploaded by rachelgriffith.
Joining!!! Using Erin Mcmorris Wildwood. Why not, I am making Siggys any way!
Swap is full, she has 100 already.  Amazing!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So, where do you sew?

This is Joy.  She sits on an ugly, but functional green desk.  It is difficult to see, but this desk has six drawers for all things that need to be handy while sewing.  On my desk there is:  a glass coaster for drinks, glass shell dish for thread clippings, and a light for seeing.  To the right, you can see my sewing dresser.  There is a cup hook that holds my long ruler, yard stick, and scrap collection bag.

Here is a peak into the only neat and tidy drawer!

On top of that dresser I can press, or flip that pressing board over and cut.  I love having a little milk glass dish to catch the babies!

The first drawer under the work area has bins for selvages and left over binding.  Here is where the rotary cutter lives.  Lately I have been keeping some fabric here incase I feel like a Tango!  In the light green topped plastic jar are basting safety pins.  Honestly, this is the neatest drawer.  The next two hold stash, and the bottom drawer is the final resting place of anything sewing related that I can't decide where to put!!!

To the right are some fabrics that I am de-stashing.  They are going to become project Linus blankies!  It is a goal of mine to use up all of these this year!!  Hopefully it won't take all year, only a couple of months.

We have a 500 ft. Mother-in-law apartment on our property that will one day become a sewing studio.  But honestly, I get more sewing done in the house right now.  Mostly 5-10 minutes a couple times throughout the day.  If I had to leave the house, fat chance!!!

I would love to see your sewing space.


A Lovely Little needed more bibs. (Can you ever have too many?)  They are so expensive!  Got this material as a remnant at JoAnn's for $2.36.  It made Three 2-layer flannel bibs.  Boy, was it cute fabric!!

Used my favorite bib as a pattern.  Folded the flannel wrong sides together and cut it out simultaneously!  Next I used different colored thread from my stash to embellish and hold the middle together.  Used matching thread (also stash) to serge the edges.  Add a sew on snap (you guessed it, stash) and I was done.  They took about 45 minutes.  Quicker than washing bibs!!

That quick little project helped me over my frustration with my quilt, and I got started on the last of these.  (Are you getting sick of seeing these yet?)
EDIT:  I am posting this as my Friday finish, be sure to click on the Sew & Tell Friday button on the side bar and visit all the other wonderful links.  If you are visiting, please check out today's post (the quilt's not done, yet...)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Victory to Frustration

Yesterday I got over eighty of these little beauties done!

I even saved the corners to make tiny baby half-square triangles!!

I even got those blocks up on the design wall...  Then it hit me, with each of them being 12" square finished, this will not be a generous twin.  (Some of you probably caught that yesterday! ;-) )

I need three more 12" blocks, 48 more smaller units...

I frantically counted fabric squares.  I will need to cut a few more white squares (Thank God that I have that fabric still!!!)  I think that I have enough colored squares....I hope....maybe....

I have learned two very important things.  1.  It is better to finish while your mind is still on the project.
2.  Buy more fabric....

In case this hasn't been enough moments, it is so cold and dreary that I had to fight to get the above horrible pictures.

On the brighter side, I guess I will have even more baby triangle to play with!!!

Hope all of your projects are having fewer bumps than mine!


Monday, January 4, 2010

On the Design Wall

This UFO is currently up on my design wall.  I am determined to finish it!  I am loving the warm water feel of the colors.  I am dreaming of a tropical paradise!  I only need 5 more blocks, hopefully I can have those done by the end of this week.  I will need to have some V.I.P.'s sign the blocks before I piece the top.  After a border, I am hoping to have a generous twin.  I think that I will probably go with a plain white backing, only piecing in a few scraps.  White thread to quilt, working only on the white of the top with a walking foot.  I think that it will quilt up quickly.  I hope.

Here are the in progress blocks that I am piecing.  I hope I have enough, the fabric is no longer available, of course.

Hope you all are keeping warm and cozy.  It is freezing here!
Funny how things work, Rachel at p.s.i quilt did a siggy tutorial today!  It is super easy, and super fun to make these blocks.  It requires 16 siggy blocks to make a 12" square finished block!  Happy quilting!