Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Works in Progress or How to Have too Much Going On!

What do you do when your husband books reservations for vacation?  Well, if you are me you make a purse!  I am using Quilt Smart's Midi bag pattern.  The fabric is Lucy's Crab Shack leftover from making my summer bag last year.  This one is just a smaller version of the Quilt Smart Mondo that I made last year.  Both bags go together zippy quick, and are fun.  I am not receiving anything from Quilt Smart, I just really like their stuff so far!
I have three more Midi bag interfacings, and fabric selected to make bags.  They will make great gifts!!

Love the print I chose for the liner!  I still have lots of leftovers.  Good, because I need some pouches!

My Hunky Dory progress to date; three rows together!!  The corners where the blocks come together are rather bulky, but coming together well for the most part. 

This is the point in quilt making that I start to feel claustrophobic in my sewing space.  Had to move all those rows just to get to my computer!  Yeah, and that dark shape hovering in the upper right side of the picture...dress pants to be hemmed for Treasure.  Yuk!!  Totally avoiding those, though I should probably just do them and get them out of my face.

These fabrics are the beginning of a pile for a teen boy quilt.  Not my kinda fabrics, but a labor of love.  

From top to bottom they are:
Kona Flame (Careful, it could put your eyes out!)
Sew Sporty by Dan Morris for RJR Fabrics
Karen Foster Design Inc. for Robert Kaufman Sports Life Screen Print D #11543
Karen Foster Design Inc. for Robert Kaufman Sports Life Screen Print D #11539
Connecting Threads Silver solid

Still to come:
Kona Black
Connecting Threads Gray solid

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tutti Fruity Tuesday

Over in the land of Instagram, the #scrappytripalong was born.  I fell so hard for making this block that I worked start to finish on this quilt.  Such a rarity for me, who has so many WIPs.  Many of these fabrics are hoarded Jennifer Paganelli fabrics that I love.  As I was playing with block placement, four blocks with purple played ring around the rosy...and they were having so much fun that I couldn't bear to break them up.  

From there the colors get softer out to the edge of the quilt.  

I decided to break into my vintage sheet stash to back this quilt.  Since the top was all from fabric I had, it just didn't seem right to buy fabric for the back.  

I love how the soft, muted back plays with the bright, cheerful top.  The bright purple binding is the same fabric that is focal pattern on the front.

I added a border of some OOP Jennifer Paganelli fabric that I bought the last few yards of when I saw them at a quilt shop.  Alas, only a wee bit remains in my stash.

Those who have visited here before know that I often can't resist some decorative stitch quilting.  I did manage to limit it to where the border meets the patchwork.

Full disclosure, I am not a prewasher.  The back had no puckers before I washed the quilt.  It does make sense that it loosened up a bit because the rest of the quilt shrank a bit.  I have no problems with this because it is one of the softest, cuddliest quilts I have ever made.  If this is something that would drive you crazy, you could pre-wash, or not use vintage sheets.

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