Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here We Go Loopty Lou....

Here is what I am doing today.  Doo wah ditty list is still incomplete, but the drive to actually finish something is  killing me.  So Free-motion practice it is!!!  Yes, I do need a lot of practice!!

I could sew live in here!!
Randi, over at i have to say, is having a giveaway!!!  I already saved so much money on fabric for the quilt below, fabric that I was going to have to buy anyway, that I want you all to be sure to enter the giveaway too!!  FIFTY DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE TO HER SHOP!!!!
She is also having a 20% OFF SALE until April 5th.

(I get to see Dee tomorrow.  We had a schedule issue (mine) and now I get to see her earlier.)

Hope I you win!!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Doo Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo...List

I decided that the Doo-Doo list was getting me down!  So I have re-named it.  Finished these pj pants for some Lovey Littles using the tute I mentioned on Monday.  Too cute, and loose and flowy soft.

Made this slip out of kona muslin, because those nylon things should be out-lawed!!

Have these cut out.

Scraps ready for the Linus bin.

Selvages saved.  (Yes, I am one of those!)

Scrap bag for Dee is getting full.  I get to spend time with her next week!!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Mondays--again. (But I'm not down!!)

Even though this is in, I really need to work on the doo-doo list.  Siggy stars will have to wait.  We need spring pj's here.  So I'm on a break from making these.  Only have the waistband to make, but need more elastic.
Going to make nightgowns for me.  I can't find the old-fashioned ones that I like.  Must sew some because mine are falling to shreds.  That's okay, I have stash!!

I have seen a recent post on the color turquiose, and then another here, and then I began noticing that it, or colors close to it, every where in my house!
This Pearl tea set is something Treasure and I collected.  Don't those Holly Hobby fat quarters look good there?  Under that mini creamer there is a jelly roll of Hunky Dory.  We are still looking for a mini sugar!
On my dresser sits a ball jar waiting to be filled.  Here is what it is for.

On the counter in my bathroom sits the bag Dee made me.  It hides my charging cables.  A toothpick to hold my makeup brushes.  No, the fabric doesn't usually sit there, but it is calling out to be made into something.
These are on duty in my kitchen.  I am ashamed to show you the ones in my cabinet because you would see that I keep a half-gallon of chocolate chips on hand!!!
Since we are in the kitchen, Flower Sugar.  Not to leave out the Heather Bailey, and Jennifer Paganelli!!

I am so glad that purple and turquiose love eachother!!

This is my current favorite!

Why do we say that we are blue?  I would rather be turquiose!!



Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Finishes

Pinwheel Party blocks for this week.

My pink trees came this week, still waiting for three more prints (nine stars).  Then I can begin piecing the top together.  At least the anticipation is making me eager!!!

Made enough more of these to begin playing with layout.  Really loving this one, but wanting a bigger quilt.  Would have to make it huge to center this secondary pattern.  Thinking that I only want 5 blocks across, and 6 blocks in length.
Not so in love with this.  I will be playing more this weekend to come up with placement.  (Ain't life rough all over! ;o) )  Your suggestions are welcomed and cherished!!

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Edited:  I think we have lift-off!  How is a 72"x 72" quilt?

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Rainy Days & Mondays Confession

A small part of me is hoping you stop at the eye-candy and don't read the post!!!

See these siggy baby stars?  One of the four quilts I am working on at the same time, remember?  Well, so many of you commented with awe at my assumed organizational skills that I really must correct that image!  I just have to be honest with you all, especially after all those wonderful comments (hugs)!

When I cut all those borders (on a Monday I think) I was amazed that I had just enough!  Saturday, when I sat down to sew them it was raining.  I realized that I had only cut half of all the sides!!!

The stars in the above picture are the only ones I had enough extra fabric to finish.

Sadly, these will have to wait!
Now, I could let this "get me down", but I refuse.  Thanks is in order.
1.  I found all the fabric I need to finish online.
2.  I know I have found the right name for the quilt--"Rainy Days & Mondays"!
3.  I get to do buisness  with Randi at Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics (always a pleasure)!
4.  I have three other yummy quilts to work on.  Yet another benefit of multi-tasking, progress continues!
5.  Pinwheel Party Pattern for block A-3 is published today!!!

And 6.  Randi also has more of the above fabric, which I decided I needed to make a bigger quilt.
I discovered that it really should be bigger when I cut more fabric for it Saturday!

One last note.  When I check my email today, I discovered there is a fabric line out at Hawthorne Threads.  The name of it should make you smile!! 
Weird huh?


Friday, March 12, 2010

I won, and Friday finish, er sort of...

I won Pinkalicious scraps!!!
This one is my favorite!
Thanks and hugs to KYQUILTYBEE!
Block A-2 on both of my Pinwheel party quilts!  Loving the look of both of them.  Can't wait for the next block pattern to come out.  Click on the Pinwheel Party button on the side bar.  Both of these were a breeze to make, and sooo much fun.  We are only 2 weeks into a thirteen week party.  When we are done I will have two quilt tops complete!!
While I had the orange out I did a few more of these.  Please notice each block has a different orange center.  Fun!  Though the middle one on the second row is bothering me because it is so light.  What do you think girls?
Here are the Siggy Baby Stars to date.  This quilt will have white and gray bordered four squares mingled in.  I think it is going to be named "Rainy Days and Mondays".  Big sorry to Rene' who is going to kill me for all the flashback song references that I have been throwing at her!!!!  Anyway, I love that something a little sad can still be beautiful.  Such is life!!!  Beauty from ashes.
Monday, when I cut out my pinwheel blocks, and my Orange Blossom Perfume blocks, I cut the remaining borders for the siggy babies.  That is four quilts at one time!!!  NUTZZZZ!  Well, at least I am not bored!  I am really enjoying the variety, and it is really efficient to cut at once and then chain piece the blocks, even though they go to different quilts!!!
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sew Busy

White thread for lattice.
Lavender thread at the boarder.  (Thanks Joan!)
Siggy baby stars are being bordered.  (I have even more done now, just no pictures!)
Grey four squares for the Siggy Baby stars are done.  I think that this quilt may already have a name!!!
My oranges decided they needed to be a second Pinwheel Party quilt!

Then these happened!  They are sewn together now, and I love them.  This quilt definately has a name.  "Orange Blossom Perfume".  My grandma and grandpa always used to bring me some back from Florida when I was a little girl.  I can still smell it!

Probably won't be able to pop back online until Friday!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Just couldn't help myself!

A-1, originally uploaded by ktquilts4fun.

First day of the pinwheel party, and I just had to make my block right away. The instructions were great! There is still time to be a part of this party, click on the pinwheel party button over on the right!