Friday, October 28, 2011

Quilt Back Finish

Here is a sneaky peek at the back I finished for Treasure's quilt.

Here is the picture of the top that I finished back in August. I had hoped to give him the finished quilt for his birthday....this past Sunday.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to decide how to quilt it. It better tell me soon how it wants to be! I am determined to get this finished. The top is about 71"x104" so I guess I'll be moving some furniture to get this baby basted!

Also made this cute pink cowl for my cold self. My scarf was looking pretty worn, and I was in need of a quick fix. The scarf on the right is made with Merino wool scraps from scarves I made as gifts. This will be a Christmas gift for Treasure after I get some more chocolate brown to finish it off.

I also worked on another Christmas gift, but it must be hush, hush. (She is a reader.)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coasting to a Finish

Finished up moments ago. Will mail partners coasters for swap tomorrow. The others are saved for little Christmas gifts.

Been battling migraine headaches, so sewing has been almost non-existent, but at least these will be on time!



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Coaster Finish

Well, almost. Going to be gone most of Friday, so I wanted to get this up early. I will try to update, but just as sure as I promise, the day will be nuts-o!

All but the purple coasters are finished. My hope is to do them Friday evening. Just stitch & flip, quilting & closing left. Then I will have four cute sets of six rainbow coasters. My plan was that people only had to remember their color to know which glass or cup was theirs!

One set is for a secret Potholders Pass Partner, the other three sets will be tucked away for various Christmas gifts.

Above is what is left on my cutting table. The purple bin is full of ROY G. BIV strips that should join nicely with some scrap gray and sewing themed scraps for some mug rug love. Yup, I am thinking Christmas goodies! And just so you know I am honest, I was going to make myself a set of rainbow coasters. That is what the blocks on the right are. At the last minute I chose to save them back for a wall hanging.

The little white milk glass cradle is holding some small scraps for a ticker tape quilt. Maybe also a Christmas gift!

Am I the only one that loves seeing the colors in my little trash bin? Having a hard time throwing such sun-shiny goodness away!

Also, many appologies for the terrible pictures.  (Not that mine are ever that great anyhow!)  But my computer is still in rehab.  Ipod blogging...

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Canning Day

3 pints apple butter, 4 half pints lemon curd, and 9 pints barbecue.

Topping it off with a little housework and homemade pizza for supper.
Maybe I will even get to these this evening!