Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So, where do you sew?

This is Joy.  She sits on an ugly, but functional green desk.  It is difficult to see, but this desk has six drawers for all things that need to be handy while sewing.  On my desk there is:  a glass coaster for drinks, glass shell dish for thread clippings, and a light for seeing.  To the right, you can see my sewing dresser.  There is a cup hook that holds my long ruler, yard stick, and scrap collection bag.

Here is a peak into the only neat and tidy drawer!

On top of that dresser I can press, or flip that pressing board over and cut.  I love having a little milk glass dish to catch the babies!

The first drawer under the work area has bins for selvages and left over binding.  Here is where the rotary cutter lives.  Lately I have been keeping some fabric here incase I feel like a Tango!  In the light green topped plastic jar are basting safety pins.  Honestly, this is the neatest drawer.  The next two hold stash, and the bottom drawer is the final resting place of anything sewing related that I can't decide where to put!!!

To the right are some fabrics that I am de-stashing.  They are going to become project Linus blankies!  It is a goal of mine to use up all of these this year!!  Hopefully it won't take all year, only a couple of months.

We have a 500 ft. Mother-in-law apartment on our property that will one day become a sewing studio.  But honestly, I get more sewing done in the house right now.  Mostly 5-10 minutes a couple times throughout the day.  If I had to leave the house, fat chance!!!

I would love to see your sewing space.


  1. You know where I live! LOL

    This much more organized than the last time I visited! Hooray for you! not. LOL

    Thanks for the chat yesterday...waiting to see if we get dumped on like southern part of the state!

    Luv to all, sanity and peace to you dear sis!

  2. OMG! Brilliant minds must think alike! I just, literally this second, published my blog about my sewing space. Please pop by my blog and give me some advice. I really need it! Thanks.

  3. Wow, you sewing space is so clean and organized. I envy you and I love your green desk! My sewing space usually looks like a bomb went off in it. :)


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