Friday, November 6, 2009

Doing the Tango

First off, this has already been gifted to the Lovely Little. Yes, camo was very appropriate!!

Next up, a local shop is doing a Tango. I felt like joining in. I purchased these cute little rolls for $2.50 each. They contain a light strip, a dark strip, and a Thangle sheet. I know, I am a cheater-pants, but if you have never played with these, you should!! Here is how they work.

Put fabric right sides together. Yes, all you need are strips.

Forgot to take a picture of pining the Thangles sheet on top, but I have seen your quilts and know that you are a creative and imaginative bunch!!

Sew on the dotted line...

Cut on the edges...

Cut on the solid lines...

Cut on the solid lines some more!!!

Normally, you would then tear off the paper, but not when you Tango. I can buy as many of these as I feel like making and return them to the shop. They will mix them up with others from other crazy quilty types. The paper helps protect them during the Tango.

Here is a blurry little dream sequence picture of how they look!

Here are all the half squares that those two little rolls made, and virtually no brain power involved!!! Wowsers!!! I will get back as many as I take in, only they will be mixed up so that I have more colors. FUN! Then at some point farther on the horizon, there will be a reveal party so we can see what everyone else participating has made!!! WAHOOO!! (I hope there is chocolate!) The only downer so far, no purple....:( Maybe when I take these in there will be a new batch of rolls!!
Don't forget to check out more fun finishes at amlylouwho
Off to quilt on Summer Breeze!


  1.'re just too energetic for me dear! I'm so happy you got so many done to turn in...and you didn't tell me about this...why???

    Javi is still home today...swine flue fer sure, dude! Middlest is perking up...hopefully the A-ster is as well!

    Hope to call you later! Love and hugs from Aunty Dee

  2. Love the idea of the Tango! I'm currently using Thangles on a project, too. They are pretty awesome. Congratulations on your finish!

  3. I've never tried the Thangles, but they sure look like they'd make things go quickly!

  4. Doing the Tango sounds like fun! What a great idea :)

  5. Can't wait to see what happens next with the Tango!

  6. I LOVE that afghan. Looks so soft and cuddly.

  7. Love working with thangles...and your afghan is beautiful. The colors are so soft.

  8. wow those thangles are super cool. i have never used them before but this makes it look so easy!! i guess that is the point! :O) great job. i love the colors in the knitting.

  9. Tango sounds like fun! I've never heard of Thangles but after Googling I learned my local shop is supposed to have them. Guess where I'm going later?
    Love the afghan...great colors and very cozy looking.

  10. What fun with the tango. It's probably the only type of tango I can do. Love the afghan!

  11. I had heard of Thangles but hadn't seen them in action so to speak so thanks for that little mini tutorial. I wouldn't call using thangles cheating more like good time management. Doing the tango sounds like fun and the afghan looks oh so cosy.

  12. Sweet! I've never tried Thangles before, but now I'm thinking maybe I should... :o)

    Love the Tango idea. I've never heard of it before, but I can just imagine the awesome selection you'll have to work with when it's done. Fun!

  13. I had heard of Thangles but couldn't really figure out how they were used. Now I get it! How cool. And what a cool idea to swap them around with a bunch of people. I can't wait to see what you get back and what you make with it!

  14. Your afghan is beautiful!!! I so cannot knit or crochet although I have tried numerous times ;-)))

    This Tango party sounds so cool. I am assuming this is a local event and not in Blogland? I have never heard of Tango (in this context) ;-)) but have some Thangles in my closet. I think I will be pulling those and giving them a try for the first time. Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. The afghan is great! I love a warm cozy afghan!

    I've never paper pieced triangles, I bet I'd get better results if I did!

    Thanks for sharing!


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