Friday, April 6, 2012

Quilting Conservation

Yesterday I stopped at an LQS to pick up some white on white fabrics, not because they were having an Easter Egg Hunt.  One of my favorites was working, and I asked her what was new that I had to have.  Boy did her face light up!  She asked me if I chain pieced.  Hello!  I have to conserve time!  She said I had to have this Cutting Gizmo.  And it was purple...BONUS!

This is the closest thing to an in action shot I could get, having only two hands and all.

I have been doing a little scrap management, trying to conserve space and resources.  Love these double hour glass blocks.  I have to buy the white though.  Been using all kinds of different white on white.  Remember, that is what I went to the LQS for.  It had nothing to do with the Easter Egg Hunt.

Finished fourteen today.  (There are two of some prints, lest you think I can't count.)  Yup, I like to chain piece.  See all that apparent clutter in the background?  It is actually pretty tidy, just cramped.  Guess that is all perspective though.  My family would probably tell you my sewing area takes up a lot of room.

Current count:  53.

The Cutting Gizmo has earned its place.  Have I mentioned its purple?

Oh, and here are the white on whites that I bought yesterday.  Because that's what I went for, it had nothing to do with the Easter Egg Hunt.  Oh, I got two free fat quarters in my egg.  They are the two on the right.


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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Welcome to the family Violet!

This is Violet, she came to live at my house this past Friday.  Some of you may know that I have a UFO quilt that I have been hesitating to finish.  It will be way too big to quilt on my Janome.  I have been considering getting a Juki (and still may in the distant future) but I have home repairs that are more important.

I love my Pearl, my Singer Featherweight.  So, imagine my joy when I found this beautiful machine for only $45!  Saturday I cleaned, oiled, and lubed.  In doing so I found that she has a knee mechanism in her cabinet.  Yes, the original cabinet was part of that incredibly low price.  Violet is a Singer 201!

Still don't know for sure if my quilt will fit.  That is a 5" charm square in her throat space!  But as I used her to sew these picnic quilt squares, I realized I will want to do a lot of my sewing on her.  She loves to sew, and that knee thingamajig is wonderful.

Joy, my Janome, requires a visit to the spa about every 9 months.  At $70 each visit, I have nearly payed for her twice.  I love Joy, but Violet I can maintain myself.  In so doing, I can save some wear and tear on Joy.

On to the progress!

1.  Picnic Quilt---332 denim and fabric blocks done.  625 is the goal!  I have run out of denim, and am pestering all my friends for their worn out jeans!!

2.  Hunky Dory Quilt---all 86 blocks done.  Now to square them all up!

3.  Amy Butler Bag---no progress, but I need to pull this out and get it done before vacation.

4.  Fresh Cut Quilt---Going to get back to this one as soon as the bobbins, walking foot, FMQ foot, and new marked plate get here.

Off to re-arrange my sewing area so Violet fits!  be sure to check out the other works in progress by using the button on the side bar.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pouches on a Tuesday

There is so much going on, and I have so much to share!  But, getting my thoughts and pictures together in a post has been quite a challenge.  Any how, I have gotten these pouches done.  I used Randi's tutorial to make them.  It was a great tute!  You may notice the pouch on the left is bigger.  I made these for a gift, and wanted to use all that I had on hand.  Yup, that great Amy Butler print was a bolt end just lying around waiting its turn.  Perfect girly, but not pink fabric for a very special niece.  Just happened to find the perfect pale yellow contrast in my scrap bin.  Already had the zippers too!  

You know me, pulling out a little fancy stitch for the "quilting".

These are a great way to use up that batting left over after you trim a quilt.  Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the interior.  It is just solid gray.  You guessed it...already had was scrap.

Anyhow, maybe she will now remember her toothbrush and charging cords when she comes to spend the night!

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