Thursday, July 29, 2010 Omission

First of all, I have been getting ready to go on vacation.  Used a 1 hour dress pattern to make a dress/ cover up with some of my favorite fabric.  Of course by the time I modified the instructions in order to avoid raw edges in the seam allowances, it took a little more than an hour.  But now I will wear it!

Made this wrap around skirt with fabric purchased from our last vacation!!  Fabrics by the Pound, I am headed back!

Lined it so that I don't have to wear an awful slip!

Now for the admission.  I left a comment on a post about keeping a sewing area clean.  (These are my Modern Siggy Swap blocks after I played with them.)  I said on the comment that I had to keep things picked up as I go because I quilt and sew in the dining room.  Well doesn't that sound all neat and tidy.  My family would comment otherwise!  Notice these are stretching out on my bed!!  I took my design wall down when I painted the dining room.
Probably would help to have only one project going at a time.  But that just isn't the way I work.  Dee calls it quilting ADD, and we both have it!  ( See those siggys coming together?)

I am loving them!  Notice that the quilting desk still needs painting, waiting for cooler weather.  That's my story, and I am sticking to it!!!  ;0)

Some projects just spread out.

These blues and purples are interviewing for a block to fill in the lower right hand corner.  For someone who loves purple, I don't own enough of it!!

Well, Treasure is home from work (and off to get the air-conditioning checked in the van) so vacation has officially started!!!


(Did I mention that my family is vacationing with Dee's family?!?!)



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Longtime, no write

I have been so busy, and very little sewing.  Trying to devote more of my "free" time to family.  The last couple of weeks have been 4-H fair!  Yeah!!!  But now I am pooped. 
August is my month for the Sew Bee It quilting bee.  I wanted to use fabric that was hanging around, that I enjoyed, but it had no intended purpose.  Some may think that it doesn't all go together, but they can look away!
I am hoping for stars that show the individuality of each of the quilters contributing.  Having said that, I had a few favorites that I wanted to be sure made the quilt!

Carolyn's Star from Quilter's Cache.  With my own touches, of course!

Rising Star, also from Quilter's Cache.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!