Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet Bess

We met this weekend and she has come home with me to stay.  She is much more mature than I.  I like her that way!  Treasure gave her to me on a recent trip to antique shop.  I had been looking for one.  Many that I find do not stand.

Bess is a "Perfection Ironing Board".  See her Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?  I will attest, she "stands absolutely rigid"

She only cost $10, and she had more surface area than my boring old board!

Since she was bare, I had to clothe her.  I had been saving this fabric for just such a time.  It is purple!!!!!

Here she is with Ro.  They make a great team.  They are getting ready to tackle pressing binding for my Potholder Pass Potholders.  Can't show those till they are gifted!

Still haven't found that SD card.  It is a small thing, but field trip and Christmas pictures were on there that had not been downloaded.  Lesson learned.  Could you all say a little prayer that it shows up?



  1. She is beautiful...i can only imagine how much nicer that is as a fixture than a metal board. i know that mine is always up so that would be much less of an eyesore. i like her seal of approval!

  2. Neat ironing board! I love finds like that!
    I just finished up my potholders and am hoping to get them to the post office tomorrow. I don't want to share pics till they are received either. Secrets are fun!

  3. I LOVE Bess. I wonder if I can find a long lost sister or cousin of hers. They sure don't make them like they used to. And you have clothed her beautifully! Jennifer Paganelli?.

  4. very cool. I remember seeing one like her when I was a kid and made a pfft sound when I went by saying" you'll never catch me ironing". I absolutely detested ironing as a kid. Now I enjoy it with crafts and quilting. Looking back the kid me and the adult me probably wouldn't like each other. I'm off to pick my fabric for the swap. Take care.

  5. bess is beautiful!!! i LOVE old wood furniture and was just looking at old ironing boards last weekend!!! none of the ones i saw were as pretty as bess....

  6. Wow; what an AMAZING ironing board! I didn't even know ironing boards were ever made this sturdy--who knew? If it's adjustable height, you can even use it as an extension table when you sew/quilt, I imagine. I am envious, you know. :) Congratulations!

  7. Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog! I love the ironing board!

  8. Wowza, love Bess . . . I think the potholder will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship for you and Bess!

  9. Hi KT just popping in from the Potholder Pass, love Bess and love you blog.
    Mandy x (madewithlovebymandy)


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