Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finished and off to party!!!!


Little stars.



Done!  Off to party, games and snacks and laughter!!
New Year Blessings!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I am so enjoying our holiday break.  But it is going way too fast.  Not much sewing really going on.  Just enjoying those that I love. 

These merino wool scarves went out to all the lovely ladies in my life.  At least as many as I could do and not be sick of scarves!  These were my carry with projects all year.  What a stack they made.

I made little gift bags to give them in.  All except this one were made from some Paris Cats fat quarters that I enjoyed, but hadn't bought enough to make anything significant.  This was Dee's christmas bag, She gave me the fabric that I fussy cut saying it reminded her of us.  Well, what was I to do?  Perfect gift bag for Dee.  Imperfect me forgot to take pictures of all the other bags!!!  Sorry.

I got The Christmas table quilt 2 finished, and have only three napkins to finish binding, (it is on, but not sewn down).  I will try to post some pictures of these tomorrow.  That is all I can do on my doo-doo list!  That is 6 out of 8 for me ladies!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Still Secrets

Tomorrow I will give out the last of my gifts.  Hopefully I can post pictures on Monday or Tuesday!
Hope your Christmas was blessed!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mary or Martha

I am coming to grips with the fact that I will not finish much more on my list, you know, the doo-doo list! We did get our tree up and have been enjoying it very much. Still, The Christmas Quilt 2 is not even under the sewing machine yet. But we have visited two nursing homes to spread cheer. Much more important!

Since I haven't really been sewing much, I thought I would share some things that I have completed in the past.

I can't even remember how long ago I did this! It still hangs in our entry way. I love being home with those I love, especially during the holidays.

This hangs near the first. It is a beaded sampler. I loved doing this, but don't have this much sit down time anymore. I used a Christmas gift from my mother-in-love to purchase the materials. Soon after, I found out that I had thyroid cancer. Needless to say, I then had sit down time. God carried me through, and eleven years later, I am still in His arms.

This is a gift that I gave Treasure a couple of years ago for Christmas. The picture reminds me of the sunsets out our living room window.

As we are nearer Christmas, I struggle, Mary or Martha? Should I rest in His arms or tackle the doo-doo list? I choose Christ.

If you need encouragement to dive into the quiet beauty of the season, visit here. I hope that you are all as blessed by the visit as I was!

I likely will not be posting anymore until after the Holidays.

Many Blessings and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Have a Wild Thyme!

This giveaway is too cute not to share with you wonderful quilters. I hadn't seen this fabric before, but I love it enough now to make up for lost time!!! Let me know if you win!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Table Quilt 2...well almost!

The top is finished!! I used Thangles to make the half square triangles, each is 3" finished. I am ashamed to say how quickly these went together! I used the beautiful blue fabric because it was cut into squares and the total pattern lost on the previous quilt. I love it, and it has already told me how to quilt it!! (I hope it works.)

This is the back. Ditto with the green ornament fabric. Just had to show it where I could enjoy the overall effect. The blocks were left-overs from both tops!! Bonus.

These are the fabrics with enough left to make napkins. Good size scraps!!! (Yes, my vacuum can be seen, just the handle and switch. Surely I am not the only one that takes quilting breaks between rooms!!!)

These are the scraps that are too small for napkins. They are loved though, so I will be saving them for a piano scarf in the future. That project was not on my doo-doo list for finishing this year, so alas, I have lost several to this year's list, and added one to next year's list!

These little beauties were supposed to go into the back of today's quilt. Alas, I made them too small, and didn't feel like remakes... Beyond the ironing board you can see the totes with our Christmas decorations. No tree up yet. Consider this a Moments picture!!!
Be sure to visit everybody else's projects by clicking on the Sew and Tell Friday button on my side bar!! Good fun and great ladies!!!
I am off to finish that vacuuming and start supper. Tomorrow afternoon, Christmas Tree!!!!!
Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas

Terri, over at Sew Fantastic, is having a giveaway. You can visit by using the Sew Fantastic button on my side bar!
Good luck to all!!
Many blessings,

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am still alive, and sewing!!!

Greetings! I am well and hoping that every one had a blessed Thanksgiving! Sorry that it has been so long, but balance you know!! I have been spending all my extra time sewing!! Trying to keep up with my goals for year end finishes!! (Sorry for the dreary pictures, we had our first snow this morning.) Here is my Valentine's table quilt. This is the mini quilt mentioned here ! I had to do my Valentine quilt first because I forgot to order one of the fabrics for my Christmas table quilts!!

What a hair brain I can be sometimes. I learned a lot doing this little quilt. Like they really mean it when they say not to use different bobbin thread color!! Lesson learned.
I got the Christmas Table Quilt 1 done too! Loving the Sherri Berry Holiday fabric. Christmas Quilt 2 will go on the buffet table in the background. I think the tables need something sparkly...

It reminds me of my childhood Christmases!

Too Cute!

Here is the back. I used up most of the extra squares from the front.
I have already started Christmas Quilt 2!! Yeah! Maybe I will have something to show by Friday.
Many Blessings,

Friday, November 20, 2009

The tango continues....

Not as much sewing going on here as I would like. Treasure is out of town on business, and I have been holding down the fort alone. Lots of work for me. But I did manage to finish another 48 of these early in the week. So, of course I got 48 more!!!LOL!!!

I have finished them too!

Plus, I used up some of my favorite civil war reproduction fabric. Some of these I kept for my own project, as well as the purple that The Quilt Shoppe owner cut for my own special Tango roll. (Thanks Dawn!!!) To make up for my selfishness, I shared some of my favorites with my Tango partners. So far my running total is 216 2-inch half square triangles!!! Wow, I didn't know that I had it in me!!

Since this hasn't been a visually interesting finish, I thought to share this quilt. Treasure got it for me at an antique mall as a token of thanks for my redecorating our bedroom. (I keep telling you he is a smart man!) Lots of that green!!!!

Here she is stretched out on our bed in all her glory!

Beautiful !

The entire back is that green, just like this quilt that I received after my grandparents passed.
There is no fading, and she is in perfect condition! Tiny, tiny hand stitches cover her. She has no batting, like the other quilt. Her binding is that green, like the other quilt.

I fancy that a miracle has taken place. The stitch length both in the quilting and in the binding is so very similar. Could the same woman have made them?? We will never know. Neither quilt has a label. :-(
Label your quilts ladies, or you maybe responsible for driving some sweet woman in the future stark raving bonkers!;-)
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Sew and Tell "Summer Breeze"

Summer Breeze is finished and loved daily by all. It is a great cuddle blanket and makes me smile whenever I walk by it (even more so when I am under it!) It feels like sunshine to me!

The back is wonderful too!

For binding I used the same white background with blue butterflies fabric that is in the block pictured. I like it! It adds a subtle little something, without too much distraction. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...

With Summer Breeze finished by Tuesday, I managed to knock off the first project on my list (see yesterday's post).

I have had this pattern for a while now. It is Simplicity 4282, view C. It went together easily and quickly, though I did make a few changes. The most significant being, French seams. I hate few things in this life, but raw edges are on that short list!!!!

The main fabric is Robert Kaufman "Confections". On the pockets I used a touch of Christmas with Alexander Henry's "angel cakes". The ties and binding are from Moda Quilt pink. Here was another change. The original pattern called for using the main fabric in a single layer for the ties, and binding them too. I though that might give me too much green. I used two layers of the pink and turned and top stitched. I think that it gives more to tie.

You can also tell from the lower left hand corner of the above picture that I am a real person, one with laundry, LOL!!!!!!

This is the back. I am not one for bows on my butt!!!!! I lived through the eighties, and I ain't going back!!!LOL!!!!!
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to see all the wonderfully creative projects others have finished this week!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Loose Threads

I have ended the indecision! I am joining Jacquie in the New Year Challenge. In an effort to be totally honest with you, most of these are just projects that need done. I am not ready to admit how many true UFO's I have! Maybe she will host another one of these in the Spring!!!
Sew, here is my list:

1. Christmas Apron

2. Christmas gifts. (No picture, because Dee is a follower!!)

3. Christmas table quilt #1.

4. Christmas table quilt #2.

5. Napkins, to use up every last bit of this wonderful Sheri Berry Holiday fabric!!!
6. Mini quilt.

7. This quilt, because it shoulda been done long ago!!!

8. This Monkey Wrench is supposed to be for the wall in my dining room. I started it years ago.

I need to finish the hand quilting!!

On a final note, I need one more for pay it forward. You can read about the rules here . Just leave me a comment saying "Yes! Give me something please, and I will in turn bless three others!". I really can't wait to hear from you!



Summer Breeze is finished, but I am not revealing until Friday!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Quick Note!

Just wanted to mention a great giveaway over at Hawthorne Threads. Of course if Rene' enters we may have no chance!!! LOL!! (I really am tickled that she has been so blessed lately!)

Hope you all are well and blessed!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Doing the Tango

First off, this has already been gifted to the Lovely Little. Yes, camo was very appropriate!!

Next up, a local shop is doing a Tango. I felt like joining in. I purchased these cute little rolls for $2.50 each. They contain a light strip, a dark strip, and a Thangle sheet. I know, I am a cheater-pants, but if you have never played with these, you should!! Here is how they work.

Put fabric right sides together. Yes, all you need are strips.

Forgot to take a picture of pining the Thangles sheet on top, but I have seen your quilts and know that you are a creative and imaginative bunch!!

Sew on the dotted line...

Cut on the edges...

Cut on the solid lines...

Cut on the solid lines some more!!!

Normally, you would then tear off the paper, but not when you Tango. I can buy as many of these as I feel like making and return them to the shop. They will mix them up with others from other crazy quilty types. The paper helps protect them during the Tango.

Here is a blurry little dream sequence picture of how they look!

Here are all the half squares that those two little rolls made, and virtually no brain power involved!!! Wowsers!!! I will get back as many as I take in, only they will be mixed up so that I have more colors. FUN! Then at some point farther on the horizon, there will be a reveal party so we can see what everyone else participating has made!!! WAHOOO!! (I hope there is chocolate!) The only downer so far, no purple....:( Maybe when I take these in there will be a new batch of rolls!!
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Off to quilt on Summer Breeze!