Friday, September 23, 2011

Sew & Tell Friday: Lazy Beach Bum Edition

Okay, please bear with me. I am a lazy beach bum trying to figure out a blogging ap on my ipod!

In the car on the way, I managed to finish February's Birdie Stitches block.

I even finished March. The dorky four-leaf clover are not part of the original design. I just couldn't leave well enough alone!

This morning, while treasure is at the pier fishing, I have managed to prep a couple of blocks for the trip home.

Still don't want to think how far behind I am!

Not yet finished with this!

Or this!

Orange Beach Blessings,


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am not sure whether I am yielding to the fact that I am not going to have the Amy Butler Field Bag done for my trip, or if I am yielding to the temptation of a quick finish!

Diggin' the fussy cut!

Either way, I will have these cute little Ditty bags to match my Field Bag.  The pattern is from Keyla Lou Patterns.  I have had the pattern for awhile, and made one other.  Love that it is a pdf download!  If you have a zipper, fabric, and interfacing, you can get right to it! 

Yup, my raindrops are upside down!  Rats!  Now you know I am not perfect!

I had made this, the medium size, before.  The focus fabrics are Erin McMorris, Summersault.

Here is the big one, I think that it will be plenty big for my little dab of makeup.  (I wear only a dab, not because I am already gorgeous, but because I want to look like I at least tried!)

Purposely had three different zippers. 

Each also has a different lining.  Using up those scraps!  This one will hold all those fiddly little things that get lost so easily.  I will say the small one was the hardest to make, but not terribly so.

This blue was some Bella Solid that I is soooooo nice.

This is the large one again, can you get any better than purple AND Sandi Henderson?

In case you were wondering, I finished them up by carrying them with me to "hurry to wait" places Tuesday.  They traveled in this lap-sized round, lined basket. 

My hand quilting kit.

On trips, while Treasure drives, I like to keep busy.  Since our car is a huge many van, I have learned the hard way that dropping certain items---say your black leather thimble---on the black rubberized floor, brings your sewing to an early end.  Hopefully this basket is big enough to prevent such klutziness.

I threw my Birdie Stitches block in a plastic bag to keep it dry.  Wouldn't do to erase those marks too soon!  Yes, I realize that I am still working on the February block.  It's alright though because you already found out I am not perfect!

This little case, from a swap, holds my floss for the blocks.

Field Bag Update:  All 55 pieces cut, fused, and fleeced.  Now to mark them (Step 4).  The only problem?  My marking supplies are all the colors of the bag.  *sigh*

There has been no progress on any other WIP.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bird Litter

Didn't notice the brand of this stuff until I got it home.  :0)

I have no bird, so why would I need litter?

It is all because of this pincushion I made several years ago.  It has had it in for me from the beginning.  I have wanted to love it,  but love shouldn't hurt.  Everytime I reached for it, it drew blood.  The pins reach all the way through.  After pinning and cutting out 55 pieces from my Amy Butler Field Bag pattern, I had enough!!

Let me introduce you to my bigger, badder, better pincushion.  There will be no more poking of fingers in this house!  I used an orphan bitty block that was too small, and some scraps, and well, bird litter.  Now don't freak out on me.  It is just crushed walnut shells!

A little Paganelli on the underside, because, well, I know it's there.

What do you think?  I love it.

My next post will be an update on that bag.

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(sounds like:  KAYTEE)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just a Start

Have a feeling that the cutting out part takes the longest.

Washed and ready to iron and cut.  Exterior fabrics were a great deal.  Interior fabrics are stash.

Thought that I would cut out what I could while waiting on a good deal on interfacing.  I need a ton!

Happy Saturday!  (We are off to go roller skating!)