Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everybody Wins!!!

Randi of Fresh Squeezed Fabrics is having a 24% off sale in her shop today only.  I have ordered from her and she has great service!!  And if you swing by her blog, you could win a pattern, and the fabric to make a lovely quilt!!

Just a smattering of the wealth of loveliness in her shop!



Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Rainy, but Monday...

I finished binding this quilt Saturday, but life has been busy...  I had written down the size, but the sticky note sprouted legs, so let's just say its huge!  I discovered that this is the largest I can do on my machine.   I had flashbacks of labor and delivery! ;0)
Machine stitched the cutest decorative vining flower along the outside of the blocks.  Won't do it again.  I couldn't use a walking foot because the machine reverses for part of the stitch.  Can you say "seam ripper", and "puckers"?
Feather stitched the inside of the four-squares.
Straight stitched in the ditch on the inner border of the stars.
End panels have cross, feather, and floral stitches.
The back.
Scrappy binding.  I learned alot, and when I recover I think that I will love this quilt! :0)
While I was outside, I noticed an unexpected visitor on Treasure's zinnias.
Joy is still in the hospital...sniff.  So since I can't sew, I have been cutting.
Treasure's niece is expecting a baby girl in a few months.  Wonder if I will be able to decide which baby quilt to give her?!

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May your Monday be...

Still no part for Joy, no more sewing.  Tons more cutting, but adding this to Sew & Tell, because I miss you all so much.  Can't wait to see what all of you have gotten done while I have been out of commission!

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Blessings, again!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally a Friday Finish!

Quilting is finally done.  Had to take a sanity break from this one!  Finished just in time for Joy to go for her yearly.  I can have something to do while she is gone.  Love hand sewing the binding.  (Apparently I am only able to write in short sentence bursts today!!!)  I have a big day planned today, and so I will save the big reveal for when the binding is finished and the sun is shining!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Trip to Sam's Club...

and these just jumped into my cart...really!  No time to peruse them though, need to baste the lovely quilt under them, and make binding for Rainy Days...and make quit sleeves for both...and sew the binding on.  Oh yeah, and my goal is to do that before I take Joy to the Dr. on Friday!  I best be hustling!!!



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There's No Place Like Home!

Vacation was great!!!  Loved spending time with family and Dee's family.  Gulf Shores was wonderful.  We were not bothered by the oil, so don't be afraid to go!!!  God gave us beautiful days, and time to contemplate the direction of our family.

He also gave us a little fabric!!  Found this Flea Market Fancy at a warehouse called Fabrics by the Pound near Summerdale AL.  If you are near there, I bought the last of the fabric on the leftt, but there is more of the fabric on the right, as well as a couple more prints!  These are decorator weight.  Dee found the first one, and says that I didn't grab it out of her hands, but I think I did...Sorry!!!  Treasure and I are looking at a house that has interior colors along these lines, and cathedral ceilings so we wouldn't be painting until we could pay to have it done!!  We will see...

Trying to get back in the hang of things.  It is taking more time than I like, but trying to keep the blessings of the beach in my heart!!!