Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Losing my...

Yep the day got crazier and crazier, or maybe I did.  I went to that quilt shop that I always stop at before grocery shopping.  I found 8 fat quarters of Flea Market Fancy!!  I had to pay full price for them...$2.75 each!  Of course I bought them!
Then I made a quick run to Goodwill.  Nothing.  That's okay.
Hopped out of the car at Walmart, and just as the door was slamming...I realized my keys were in there!!!  I had to call Treasure.  He is in the middle of a big job, and had to wait until after a meeting.  I had to spend almost 5 hours at Walmart.  And it was my fault.  GRRRRRRRRRR.
But I got the groceries.
And the Flea Market Fancy!
And I found my recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to spread the wealth and will be giving away some of that FMF.  Stay tuned.


  1. Locking keys in our cars must be in the air. Maybe aliens are causing it. I've done it twice in the last week and hadn't done it in 20+ years.


  2. I can't even believe you found FMF! Wow!

  3. well, i think you still have to call it a good day with that score!

  4. what is the flea market fancy? not heard of it here in England!

  5. oh lucky you are to find some FMF....every bit of it is lovely

  6. Lucky you! about the FMF, not getting locked out of your car! I have done that too many times!

  7. [gasp][swoon] found Flea Market Fancy! I absolutely hate you! :) All joking aside, congrats on that incredible find, even if you had to spend the day (yikes) at Walmart!

    Mandy, FMF is a discontinued line of fabric created by Denise Schmidt. Google it to see what it looks like. Fabulous!

  8. It sounds like you had one of those Good News, Bad News kind of days. Congrats on finding Flea Market Fancy. From what I understand, it is almost impossible to find. I love every picture I've seen of it, but not sure I would even recognize it for what it is if I came across it at my LQS. Glad you found your recipes.


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