Friday, June 25, 2010

Goosey Goosey Gander: Friday Finish Version!

Made this for my Mom for her birthday.  I am pretty sure she liked it!!  She has a sunflower kitchen, and the green fabric has pretty little sunflowers.

The back, no ties to tangle with!!

Mom always is shocked at how much I can accomplish in so little time.  So, she watched me cut the scraps, stacking the fabric.  I showed her some chain piecing and made a nine patch block.  Then I showed her how to have some good old fun!  Disappearing Nine Patch!!  Mom took the rest home to do herself.  Go Mom!!!

Soaring Past Time for Vickie!! 
74 pieces


19 goslings made from the Wavy Navy babies

2 dozen...eggs?

These are made from the Soaring Past Time babies.  Even smaller!  I think I may have taken the geese thing too far.  Anyway I enjoyed making them, but don't know what to do with them.  So,  the gaggle are winging their way to Vickie as they are. 

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Going to sew with Dee today!!  Hope you all have as much fun as I will!!



Monday, June 21, 2010

A Number of Geese

54 pieces
18 geese
6 fabrics
1 cheap therapy session!!!

Thanks Vickie!!!



Test Patterns!!

These are test patterns for my Sew Bee It quilting bee block for June.  Vickie sent a great pile of  Love,
so I get to make these look traditional and modern!!!

Waiting to get the go ahead from Vickie before ruining cutting into her pile. 
 I will be sure to show you the results! 



Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm sorry... be late, but I really have been missing Friday Finishes!  Quilting my quilt is on hold (burnout) as I really needed to finish something.  To top it off, the urge to cook has taken over!
One of my specialties.  Chocolate, chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry sauce!  Yesterday's, breakfast!
Spiced peach butter!!
Bing cherry jam!
Made this apron years ago for a quilt class.  It is great for canning jam.  See the bing cherry splatter?  Exactly!!!
Saw this idea here!

Had played around and made these hexes with scraps.  Was going to make a new valance for the kitchen, but I like these better!!!
I am calling them dish quilts!!  They were great FMQ practice.
The backs are old towels from the rag bag.  The bindings were left-over from other projects.  That means these are totally free!!!!!  Yay!!!!
Here is what I have so far from the spray paint venture.  Lovin' that Hunky Dory!!!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I have been doing!

Winning these lovely patterns from two generous sisters!!!  Check them out here.  Thanks so much ladies!!

(Air show pictures used with permission of the photographer.)

Watching this with Dee & Family!

Starting this.
The grey is primer.  The soft metallic is nickel (It quit working half way through).  The Green/blue is Bahama Sea.  (Ran out!)  Will try to show you pictures soon!

Hope you all are enjoying summer!



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hanging Around

This is STILL in progress.  I have been on the go for the last two weeks, so it has been slow going.  I will admit though, that I am getting antsy to move on.

I have chosen two blocks for my Sew Bee It bee.  This is one.  As part of my process pledge, thought that I would show you my scribbles!  Nope, no graph paper.  I have a Gremlin that keeps "borrowing" it. 

When I have quilted all I can stand at a sitting, I am trying to keep up with my other projects by doing the cutting.  These are my final four pinwheel blocks, and two trial blocks for Sew Bee It.

These hexes have been carried with me on my harried way the last couple days.  All scraps.  Think that I will let you wonder what they are becoming.  Not sure the white background is a keeper, but wanted to use up scraps, so we will see.  Might tea stain it!!

On a brighter note, I won Joan's giveaway last week, and already received my Kate Conklin's Charm Bracelet Pattern!  It looks so fun!  Since I already won the most wonderful fabric (Paganelli), I am not going to enter any more.  But you should (read:  Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks)!!!!!