Wednesday, August 31, 2011



2. Peasant Blouse!  (Used this tutorial.)

Just wanted to show you a little detail, added the hem band with a little decorative stitching to make me smile.  Also added pockets, one for the cell phone, and one for the ipod!  :0)

3.  Freshcut blocks, three more rows to square up and piece into rows.

(Rows A-F done!)

4.  Baby Quilt--just have to list it on hubby's work classifieds.  Suggestions on price?!

5.  Neptune Kaleidoscope--needs a back, quilting and binding.

6.  Grandma's Peacock--needs me to get some nerve and FMQ it!

7.  Mother-In-Love's Quilt.  (Not enough to show you Sorry no picture yet!)

I have been grateful for WIP Wednesdays to keep my focus.  If you want inspirational motivation, just click on the WIP button on the sidebar for a fun little cyber show and tell!

Back to laundry, and groceries tonight!



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Quilt for Joy

Nope, haven't done anything about the ugly green desk.  Too busy sewing!!  ;0)

I have been needing a dust cover for my sewing machine, Joy.  In fact, I have even had this fabric folded in a cute little pile, for months.  All of the sudden, last Friday was the day!  I worked on it between housework, and playing with friends and family over the weekend.  Last night I finished its cute little skirt.

The rainbow strips were leftover scraps from another project, and they were just too sweet not to stay together.  When I realized how well they went with the main print, I just knew.  I just love the sewing machines on this Alexander Henry print.  Lately Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden prints have been finding their way into almost everything I do for myself.  Love them!

Another fussy cut, but why not?

This is the back.  Because I pieced the front, top, and back as one piece, those sweet sewing machines are standing on their heads!  This is the only thing that I would have done differently.  (Yup, more Henna Garden!)

Thought a little Michael Miller Dandy Damask was too fun not to add.  The pleated ruffle was added because I made the thing too short.  Glad it happened, because Heather Bailey's Tiled Primrose was perfect to pull out those bits of blue in the main fabric and make them pop.

Over all, I am thrilled Joy's new quilt!  It really neatens up the space when I am not sewing.  And it is so colorful and happy!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Table Runner, Quilt, and a Blouse...Oh My!

First off, let me explain about the wacky array of pictures you are about to be subjected too witness.  I got up nice and early to take them, when it was too dark this morning.  Then I took some of them this afternoon, in the yard, when it was too light!  Well, I came inside and snapped a few more and decided beggars can't be choosers.

When I bought this fabric, I really wanted it to be something for my table.  I guess it is the cherries.  I just love how the soft blue and watermelon-pink play together.

This is the center block, which has an extra border to set it off.

I enjoyed tinkering with my decorative stitches and different thread colors.  Each of the end blocks is bordered with this floral vine that is probably my favorite decorative stitch.

I tried hard to capture the little pearly blue polka dots on the binding.

No amount of lighting changes could capture the soft washed out blue batik backing fabric.  Since I was keeping this piece, it had to have a scrappy back, even though I had enough batik fabric...weird huh?

I love how the decorative stitching fell on the back!

Really like the thread color change on the back too!

The original panel for the cherry print had 15 blocks.  Since I only used 3 for my table runner, I put the others to good use.  This sweet baby quilt maybe the first quilt I sell.

Used that floral vine, but kept to only pink thread.

I used a machine feather stitch on the inner block.  Love those bunnies too!!

The sashing and the backing are white one white, and I love how it makes the pink quilting thread look!

I also have this Nicey Jane blouse that I am trying to finish up.  The scraps are already cut into charm squares though.  (Does that make another WIP?)


1.  Nicey Jane Blouse.
2.  Treasure's Neptune Kaleidoscope Quilt.
3.  Grandma's Peacock.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fall Cleanout in Progress

I have completely cleaned out two and a half rooms in my house.  Furniture has been moved in an effort to trick us into thinking we have give us more space. So the sewing room has been moved to the dining room.  I know you could tell, it still dining room-ish.  Have to leave it that way.  If we ever get to the point we can list our home, sewing stuff will have to move to storage, and this will magically become the dining room again. 

In a time that now measures years ago, Dee and I purchased fabric alike to see how we use it differently.  She has had hers done forever.  Mine has sat neglected for years.  Until now.  I now have (almost) a beautiful table runner.  I have cut off the excess since the photo.

Played with the decorative stitches on my machine.  The pink is a lovely watermelon color.  Perfect for aqua.  Most of the fabrics were designed by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods...from years ago.

Added some scraps to the back, just because I love them.

The binding fabric has wonderful pearlized polka dots.  Hopefully I can make this binding this evening.  Under it is a sneak peak of my first quilt for selling.

Oh, and I bought a scrap bag from Sandi Henderson's website Portabella Pixie.  I figured I love all her fabric, so I couldn't go wrong. 

Boy was that an understatement!

For Real!!  Trying really hard not to go buy another one!!  (What harm would one more WIP be?)



Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Finished!

Just popping in to share that I have finished Treasure's top.
This picture is the closest to true colors.  The fabric is Neptune, by Tula Pink.  It makes me think of all the wonderful vacations in Gulf Shores Alabama.  That man of mine is so much fun!

Using this picture, even though it is washed out, because it gives some size perspective.  This top measures about 72" x 96".  Long enough for no toes to poke out when his shoulders were covered.   Going to work on something else until I dream up a design to piece up the back.  I have three extra blocks, and some scraps to make use of!! 



Wednesday, August 3, 2011