Sunday, January 10, 2010

Siggy Swap, Pass, and Tango

Here are my Siggys so far.  All 73 of them.  I thought that I would do 12 of each print.  (Yes, I ended up ordering two more Wildwood prints.  For shame, I shouldn't have done it!)  I know, 73 is not a multiple of 12, but I miscounted in a sleep deprived stupor!  Oh well, I need 101, so there is the 1!  I also realize the 12 doesn't go into 101.  I need extras.  Afore mentioned miscount is proof positive that I am fallible.  You can see how the swap is going by clicking on the button on my side bar.  It will take you to the flickr group.

Over at Quiet Time there is a potholder pass.  Who doesn't need cute potholders?  I figure it is just my size commitment.  I am a little to nervous about things to contribute a block to somebody's quilt, let alone commit to doing a block a month for block swaps.  I never know when we are going to be out of commission due to sickies!  But a potholder pass, brilliant!  I someone really hates what I make (I am really hoping to please someone) it is just going to get used and stained anyway.  It also appeals to my no nonsense practicality.  I am kinda hoping that my partner wants some cheerful Wildwood.  My brain is loving working with these fabrics.  Anyhow, please consider signing up the deadline to enter is January 16th! 

Well, I have used up all my words.  Off to Tango.  Those are due January 30th!!



  1. My word, you are a busy little beaver, what with all these swaps! :)


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