Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh how I've missed you!!

Life had gotten so busy, that I ended up tired out with a horrible respiratory infection.  Had I been the only one to get it, that would have been one thing.  But alas, every one in the family got it!!!  Needless to say, computer time is been at a minimum.

Here and there I have managed to sew!  ;0)  These are more of this great pattern.

Finally finished one of my pinwheel party tops.  I refuse to take the button off my side bar until both quilts are done.  You girls hold me accountable now!

The Jennifer Paganelli blocks...

and the Henna Garden blocks...

are my favorite!!!  I know, you're shocked!!

I bought the background at Connecting Threads, so when I wanted an orange solid for the back that is where I went.  Perfect match, and the quality is great.  The price was made this a home run!!  I just don't feel like quilting it now, so after I finish the back, it will wait patiently until fall.

While shopping for the backing, I couldn't resist these little life saver prints.  They just happened to want to play with another bargain fabric (the squares) from my stash.  The solids are some Moda Bella that I won a while back.  These are all saying Irish Chain to me right now.  We will see.

Did join a quilt a long.  Another button on the side bar...sigh.  But I love the pattern and had been keeping this little stack back for a quilt for Treasure.  I think that the Neptune is lovely, and will remind us of our family vacations to Gulf  Shores Alabama.

Had some difficulty with static cling making the template stick to my ruler.  Since I have a ton of triangles to cut, I didn't want to piddle with it, so a touch of spray basting to the template fixed that up in a jiffy.   Not too much, or you will spend your time peeling fabric from the template!!

Using Kona Herb for the background.  Liked what I saw with people using Kona Stone, but  I liked how the Herb looked with the fabrics too.  Plus it is the color of a stormy sea (and Treasure's eyes), bonus!
Now I am feeling nervous at the risk!  These are the selvedges and the scraps that will become the back, and may be something else too!

So now we are caught up!! 



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Late, but Thrifty Fabric Tuesday

Those who regularly put up with my weird ramblings may recall the doo-doo list I had when my sewing machine decided to take an extended vacation.  Well I am trying my best to stick to it even though this is calling to my Neptune stash.
So, this quilt is finaly finished and bound.  Made entirely from crib sheets and recieving blankets, the batting is an old cotton thermal blanket.  The only thing that I bought was a yard of the blue fabric for binding.  Only used less than half a yard.  Total cost would come to about $5.00.!!  Yeah!!!


Used this quilt as a chance to practice FMQ in a meandering pattern.  Fun!!

This quilt is already broken in, even though I can't was it up.  (Dryer is now on vacation!)

Since the dryer is in a coma, and the laundromat cost about $55.00 a couple weeks ago, there was need to shorten some play jeans.  Since I noticed that our denim picnic quilt is starting to fall apart I decided to prepare the denim as I come across it for a new picnic blanket.  Cut it into charm squares.

Used odd charms that I had laying around.  This winter I plan on scavenging the denim from the old quilt to make some more.  This is just the beginning!  No cost here, I already had this stuff laying around.

This is my answer to disappearing coasters.  All this fabric was scrap from wall hangings and such for the same room.  Binding was leftover as well.  The back was stash, and I pieced the batting from scrap.  Total cost...

Sick of all the dark ipod photos?  Sorry!

Be sure to visit all the other Fabric Tuesday entries by using the cute button on my sidebar.  Now I am going to get something hot to drink, soak my binding finger, and do the same!



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...(almost)

Fabric citing!!  The shop owner will ship!  Leave a comment with your email attached, and I will give you the number to call!!