Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Singer Love: Entry #3

When I saw this pattern on Flickr, I couldn't favorite it fast enough.  Then when I found the perfect fabric at an LQS, and Amy announced her Texting While Sewing contest.  Well, that just couldn't all be coincidence.  

Did it matter that I am not a paper-piecer I just play one on TV, no.  Why?  Because it is Love!!  I have a Singer 201 (Violet), and a Singer Featherweight (Pearl).  I just can't say enough about my lovely ladies.  Don't let their feminine appeal fool you.  They are built for work.

Silver bead for the needle!  The girly black and white sealed the deal for me to attempt this block.  Very fitting for my girls!

Oh, and I couldn't forget the tension knob.  We all know how important proper tension is!  I was very pleased to find three buttons in my stash that went perfectly to form the knob.

The text fabric is the background, but alas, there was no selvage on it, so I don't know what it is.

Used the eye portion of a hook and eye to be the thread guide.

A bit of Jennifer Paganelli fabric, I love her fabrics, and think she would heartily approve of my vintage-modern mess.

The block is a 12" block, but I put a border on it as it seemed to be getting a bit wavy around the edge.  Moda's Hometown by Sweetwater is the perfect border because it reminds me of all the places I would like to take my Featherweight to sew.  There are just so many of you I would like to meet!

Well, that is it, breakfast break is over.  On to the work of the day!



Heavenly Sunlight: Entry #2

This block is also from Eleanor Burns' Egg Money Quilts, but it is named Turkey Tracks.  Somehow, that name just didn't fit with what was going on in my head.  I couldn't fit "sunshine" into my Garden Walk block. The word was just too big, what a shame...but then inspiration hit.  

Wouldn't you know another of my favorite hymns popped into my head.  "Heavenly Sunlight", another one of my favorites!

Of course, Sunshine fit perfectly!

Again, this is a 12" block that uses text fabric.  I am linking up, then heading to bed.  Hopefully there will be some Heavenly Sunlight tomorrow, because I need to get some pics of my third and final entry.

(No more old hymns, promise!)



Garden Walk: Entry #1

This block is "Garden Walk" from Eleanor Burns' book Egg Money Quilts.  Several years ago, I took a quilting class on this book.  Even then, this was my favorite block from the book.  I did make some changes, as the original pattern called for two colors, and one background.  My garden always has more color than that!  It makes me think of the hymn "In the Garden".

The text fabric is Moda Sunkissed, by Sweetwater.  The blue fabric is Full Moon Forrest, by Tula Pink.  
Believe it or not, the background is this great gray from Connecting Threads.   No matter what I tried, the grey looks very blue in the is not my strong suit!

The yellow floral is from Lucien, Flower Sugar.

The text was just perfect for this block, and pretty fitting for the song too!

I just love the words.

 Okay, I know...overload.

Well, the requirement for the contest was a 12" block using text fabric.  I think this about covers it!  I am linking up with the Texting While Sewing Contest.  There are some other fabulous blocks at Amy's place to check out.



Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Practical Sewing

I haven't been blogging much. I have been sewing instead! Actually, I am awaiting a battery for my camera. (That explains the iPad pictures.)

Anyhow, my sewing space was once our tiny dining room. Hence the decor. Soon however, we will be installing new flooring and I will try to ditch the wall paper.

It is starting to really get to me how cluttered it is becoming. While I work on a project, the fabric on the shelf calls to me to play with it instead. Though I enjoy seeing all the pretties, they are wrecking my focus. So, here is my solution.

I made a pretty yellow curtain with a calico print I bought over ten years ago. Stash busted. Anyhow, this room is going to go in a different direction. Just don't expect it to happen fast, nothing here ever does!

On another practical note, we are running low on cloth napkins. Some have become mildewed when wet washcloths were thrown in the laundry. (Not Me from Family Circus lives in my house!). Really, they had lived a long life, and I can't complain.  So I dove into stash and found some fabric that I love, but it was languishing with no future purpose. Last night I put it out of its misery.


The old stitch and flip with some decorative stitching, and I have four more napkins to add to the basket.

Love the mismatched reverse side. I really don't put out matching napkins anyway. They all just go into the napkin basket for a life of utility. It is fun though, because some of us have our favorites.

I have my Mondo Bag finished, and couldn't wait to use it, so I have been hauling it everywhere! Really hoping that my camera battery comes soon!

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