Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do these people not sleep?

I placed a couple fabric orders late Friday night.  I got some of the fabric in Monday's mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How in the world?!?!?!  Now, I am only today getting shipping confirmation on the other orders, and that is totally reasonable, but to already have beautiful fabric in my hot, greedy little hands......well, that is just insanely quick!!
Want to see?

More Wildwood, for my siggy swap and Dolce.  Yum!

Meadow Sweet (for some reason the print on the bottom reminds me of the Orange Blossom perfume that my Grandparents always brought me back from Florida when I was little!) and more Dolce.

I was trying not to buy more fabric, but these are for already planned quilts.  Well, most of them!  That is my excuse, and I am sticking to it!!!

Where did I get this speedy, quick fabric you ask?

And a nice little magnet calendar too!! 

Wow, they're good!



  1. Funny, I was wondering the same thing about YOU! LOL

    Ahem...do I need to call FA and initiate an intervention?

    hugs, kisses, smooches, squeezes (all to the little ones, 'cause you're gettin' a side swipe-kick to the fanny whump!)

  2. Gee thanks, KT...I wanted to be Eliza, and found out I'm Elinor! Elinor! Would you have guessed Elinor? What were you thinking when you answered questions the way Anne would? I see you more as...oh, okay. Just checked the list again...you can be Anne. I like Hugh Grant, but would much rather had Ciarnan Hinds when he was younger!

    shhhhh...don't tell my unpretentious and loving husband!

  3. i have heard nothing but amazing things about hawthrone threads. that is fast service. i am drooling over the meadowsweet.

  4. I have ordered before from them and yes, they are FAST! enjoy your goodies!

  5. Ha! I was wondering exactly who had such quick service! I just started getting their newsletter, but haven't ordered anything yet. Good to know!



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