Friday, January 8, 2010

Blessings and Curses

Blessing:  I got in the Siggy Swap!  It is my first swap ever and I am totally excited!!!!  And I cut all of my 3 1/2" white squares yesterday on what I thought was Kona Snow.

Curse:  I later found the labeled Kona snow, and only had enough to make 81 squares (I need 101 + some for bad handwriting errors).

Blessing:  I had already ordered more Kona Snow this morning from Hancock's of Paducah.  They are fast, plus, Kona was on sale for 20% off.  So of course I ordered some "Earth" for my next quilt!

Curse:  I had to stick to my commitment not to buy more fabric until I have completed most of my existing projects.  And so I removed all of this---

(Yes, the picture is from Fat Quarter Shop.  I figure they could use the advertising too.  I have ordered from them as well with great results.)

from my cart...

Blessing:  I only have to finish two more blocks of my Siggy Quilt!!!!!

Blessing:  I may have time to do that today!!!

Blessing:  I have babies to sew that I will add to the back of my Siggy Quilt.

Blessing:  I have this fabric to cut and use for my Siggy Swap!

Ain't life rough all over! ;o)

Blessings to you,


  1. Love the fabrics you chose for the swap, they are so pretty! I am going shopping tomorrow for mine, this should be fun!

  2. I know where you live! Hide the fabric!

  3. i love all of this. i checked out the siggy swap but was way too late! it is just too hard to not buy the fabric

  4. Wow you worked on that fast. I love your fabrics.

  5. Gorgeous fabrics! great choice :) Now you have enabled me to possibly get some of that Basic Grey! shame on you ;)


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