Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love Multiplies

After seeing so many Japanese + and x blocks, I finally had to just make some. Instead of using a tutorial, like a sane person, I had to make up my own pattern. Lately, I have been a little nuts that way! Well, I grabbed some scraps and some stash and began to play.

I was all set to try some FMQ, but then the quilt said "no". I ended up with a lot of very close straight line quilting. It all radiates out from the center.


Was a lot of quilting! It might have been easier to FMQ! For the last border, I just went around several times.

I fell in love with this fabric from Joann's. It was a higher quality than much of their stuff, and I am still loving it. Wish I would have bought more.

The binding was a Jennifer Paganelli print that was left over from making a wall hanging. Still have some left!

I think that the matching binding kinda brings them together!


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Finishes

Well, I finished this last week, but life has been crazy. Finally the sun came out when I had time to take pictures. For those just tuning in, this is an embroidery piece my grandma had made many years ago. Well, she must have loved it as much as I do, because it is wearing holes in it. I used fray check on the holes, and spray baste to put it on Kona snow. Next I added the border.

Next my blossom buddy Dee drew a wonderful free motion quilting design. Then I promptly chickened out quilting it for over a year! Recently I found my big girl panties and hitched them up!


At the bottom the quilting mimics the peacock feathers.

The feathers morph into flowers near the top of the piece. Dee's design was genius, and I just love the way it turned out.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A WIP Wednesday with a finish!

Grandma's Peacock is finished. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have. I love the quilting pattern that Dee drew for me, and need to get some better pictures for you all. I am currently interviewing brick-a-brack for the shelf, so I am aware that it doesn't look altogether together! I am pondering what I might own already that is in storage that would spiff things up.

Quilting in progress on this + & x table quilt. I finally settled on the quilting plan, and I am loving it.

Sitting on top is a small pile of wonderful from The Intrepid Thread. Pat Bravo's Poetica line, plus a few extras added on. The service was great, and I am very pleased with the fat quarters she added in to round out the stack. The pale yellow is going to be the background. I bought it from Connecting Threads. They call it Custard, and at around $2.50 a yard right now the price was amazing. Not all of the solids were on sale, but I was blessed that this one was, and it matches perfectly! I ordered custard thread too, so I am ready to soon as I get some other WIPs out of the way. The selfish quilt must wait.

No other progress.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Think I Might Live in a Cave

Grainy, dark picture alert.
Recently, after some research and being nearly out of needles, I ordered a few packages of these. While I was at it, I ordered some trial thread. If you let them choose the color, you can get it much cheaper. My needles happened to be a deal too. Bonus! Bless their hearts, they sent me lavender! Well, I was itching to try both out to see what all the fuss is about.
Being a purple sort of girl, I was sure to have something that would do. Needing a little pick me up, I grabbed my Paganelli Pile.
Well, wouldn't you know, one thing led to another. Purple led to pink, blue, and green...
Before I knew it, nine, count 'em NINE blocks done!
One in the incubator.

( Why, oh why did I only buy a half yard of that yummy blue on blue print, Pretty Please, Sally?)
After I get the tenth one done, I am going to go back and finish some of my other WIPs. This Paganelli quilt is just for my own selfish entertainment. I never understood what people meant about savoring the quilt, until now. I want to take my own sweet time!
On the left are fabrics to still incorporate into the Paganelli quilt. In the middle are the Hunky Dory blocks I am about to finish off. I may just leave that perfect pile of Paganelli out to sing to me while I sew.

Oh, and the needles and thread, like butter! I will try to keep you updated as I use them more.

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1. Hunky Dory Quilt--14 blocks to go.

2. Grandma's Peacock---nearly done!!

3.  March FMQ Challenge--not yet begun.

4.  Paganelli Pop--new project, 10 blocks down, countless to go.  NO Deadline.

5. New commitment.  Baby quilt for missionary trip.  Undisclosed destination, deadline--SOON!

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