Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Victory to Frustration

Yesterday I got over eighty of these little beauties done!

I even saved the corners to make tiny baby half-square triangles!!

I even got those blocks up on the design wall...  Then it hit me, with each of them being 12" square finished, this will not be a generous twin.  (Some of you probably caught that yesterday! ;-) )

I need three more 12" blocks, 48 more smaller units...

I frantically counted fabric squares.  I will need to cut a few more white squares (Thank God that I have that fabric still!!!)  I think that I have enough colored squares....I hope....maybe....

I have learned two very important things.  1.  It is better to finish while your mind is still on the project.
2.  Buy more fabric....

In case this hasn't been enough moments, it is so cold and dreary that I had to fight to get the above horrible pictures.

On the brighter side, I guess I will have even more baby triangle to play with!!!

Hope all of your projects are having fewer bumps than mine!



  1. KT, love the design wall and what's on it. Dee told me you might be headed to Paducah in April. I just posted about going and was asking if anyone else was going and she told me about you. Would love to meet up and get to know each other ahead of time. Happy new year, Steph

  2. I love baby triangles. It feels like you are getting them for free. :)

  3. KT, wow your WIP looks great. Beautiful colors and layout. You've been busy! Happy New Year!

  4. oh boy, you are good! i would have been too upset to keep going!

    the quilt is going to look great when it is done!




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