Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Week so Far

Disclaimer: my Internet is down at my house and I am eating breakfast at McDonald's. I hope my blogging ap and Blogger play nice, because this is my third and final attempt to publish.

This is my FMQ Challenge for February. I am really not waiting until the last minute. I doodle during the month, then actually get to the FMQ. This month was a little intimidating for me. Feathers! To hide my learning curves I chose some gorgeous fabric. Sneaky huh? ;0)

I finished this up Monday night. I am not sure that you can see the quilting any better on the back. Sorry.

Last night I finally completed the quilting on "Grandma's Peacock". Tonight I hope to make the sleeve and attach the binding. Maybe I can get a proper picture of it hanging on the wall by Friday.

There is no other progress, other than housework (and a sorry little of that) at my house.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

I have been fluffing my nest in hopes that Spring isn't far off. Below is an old shelf that I bought on the cheap at an antique mall. It isn't really a fine piece, so I didn't feel a bit bad to have my friend drill me a hole for a cord.

Now it is a charging shelf for all our devices. Now if I can get the Fam. Trained to use it!

When it is warm enough to open the windows for ventilation, I am going to paint the shelf a soft yellow. I will probably paint the cupboards and change out the hardware out too.

I sewed a little liner for this basket. I think it was meant to use as a litter can, but we will be putting all our charging cords in it.

The fabric was from our last trip. Super cheap and super cute. I knew it would be a basket liner some day. Still have plenty for more!

I wasn't sure how to keep it in place, so there is just adhesive Velcro for now.

In all honesty, this area is a major clutter catcher. It has been piled to the windows many times. This is a big improvement. We are very short for storage at our house. Behind the curtain on the left is a small shelving unit holding computer software, cables, paper, and printer ink. On the right I store our coolers. We live about 20 minutes from the nearest supermarket. I use a lot of coolers in the summer to get frozen foods home...frozen.

The drawer broke in the middle unit. I cut them out and found this bin to hold library books. Right now it is holding other stuff. I will paint this too.

The material for these curtains was purchased for cheap on vacation too.

I did manage some quilty sewing this week. I worked on my Hunky Dory double hourglass blocks. Now I have 62 finished.

Twenty-two to go!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Finish

This is a trial run for a little bag I want to make for myself. I know a lovely little who has had her eye on this fabric in my stash, which may have been bought with her in mind. I want one for myself to hold my crochet when in the van. Our floors can get kinda gross in there, and I don't want my yarn doing the bunny hop out of my bag and across the floor. (I do plan on mopping when it gets warmer outside!).

The plan is that I could have this bag on my left wrist while crocheting. The yarn should be contained and off the sticky floor, while still being able to pull freely from the bag. That is the plan anyway!


Inside are some nifty little pockets. They are too shallow for my needs, and will be changed up in my bag. Hopefully they can be deep enough to hold some crochet hooks and scissors.

You can find the free pattern here.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fabric Tuesday

It's been awhile since I played along with Fabric Tuesday. I miss it!

I have been admiring these cute x and + blocks popping up all over the Internet. There is supposed to be a great tutorial (I have it marked on Pinterest) but the site wouldn't show on my iPad. Being too lazy to go get my laptop out, I just made up my own dimensions. I am loving the scrappiness of this top!
This binding is leftover from the quilt that hangs near my table. Since this will be a table quilt for that table, the matching bindings will work nicely. No idea why, but I almost always make way too much binding. It turns out great because I end up feeling like I've gotten a free pass when I use it on another project!
I am considering making a new ironing board cover and playing along with Randi. My cover is looking pretty ratty. Between the spray starch, scorch marks, and holes, my Jennifer Paganelli Casey Scroll cover has seen better days. (Insert lip quiver here.) Since my board is not standard, and I am pulling fabric from stash, I am going to have to tweak the dimensions. My current cover is all in one. This time I am going to make the pad separate from the cover. Hopefully that will only mean making a new cover next time instead of the expense of a new pad every time.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Day of Rest

Yesterday we went to church, then came home and had a Super Bowl Party. After that life got crazy. Now there is sickness in the camp. So I have proclaimed, by executive order, today is a day of rest. In theory that means I should have time to sew. But I think I am getting a bad cold. Cold medicine and quilt blocks don't mix well for me.


I did manage to hit a 75% off quilting fabric sale. I tried to be a good girl. The larger cuts on the left are for summer clothing projects. I always make some girly skirts, and guide a couple 4-H projects. Since I don't stash large pieces, I would have had to buy these anyhow. The smaller stack on the right are the only pieces I allowed myself to stash. Over all I spent $95 less than I would have, the fabrics were about $2.50 a yard! Needless to say, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.