Thursday, January 14, 2010


Only three more sets of Siggys left!  The milk glass cradle is a Goodwill find that for $1.99, made my week.  I have a thing for milk glass anyway.  Perfect.  Siggy babies are resting comfortably.  Below are the last three prints left.  Couldn't resist adding a couple more fabrics to the set after I came up with an idea for the babies (Nods to amandajean of crazymomquilts).  That's all that I am saying about that!

I am in the process of getting all the signatures for this quilt!  I need to square these babies.  Who would have ever thought that I would get sick of babies?  These may go into the "stash" as my mind is not enthralled with them like it is the Wildwood babies.  We quilters can be fickle.

Here are the babies all tucked in.

Is it weird to think that this is pretty?  I am always a little sad to throw this away.


  1. i know it is sad to throw away the little pieces isn't it. i see so much more potential in the leftovers now. i love the little cradle.

  2. The milk glass cradle is too cute and PERFECT for the babies.

  3. No, it's NOT weird. I think your entire post today is very pretty. Love the soft blues, greens, pinks, and purples. Very calming. And that milk glass baby cradle is to die for.


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