Friday, October 16, 2009

Sew And Tell Friday

First, a warning. There will only be dark, ugly pictures on this blog until Spring. Please pray it comes quickly;).

Finished 4 more blocks of Summer Breeze. That makes 16. Now I am just waiting on the fabric to make the whole top!!!
I can't bear to put them away. So they are sitting out in my work space cheering me on.

So, I pulled this one out to work on, and finished up the last three rows. Yay!!!! But I didn't stop there, no,no!!!

I finished squaring and piecing the first row. This thing is big. Maybe too big. We will see!!

I also finished these. It has been a very productive week!!!!

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  1. Wow! You have been productive! Your row of Freshcut blocks looks great! I ordered some FQs and mini jelly rolls of Freshcut about a month ago, but did not get the gorgeous painted mums fabric. Viewing your blog this morning inspired me to jump over to Etsy and order some. :)
    My stash is starting to grow faster than I can sew! Yikes!

  2. naughty girl...I know what you should have been doing instead of sewing...but, since today is Friday...and I know where you're going...I absolve you of all guilt and congratulate you on such beautiful, room brightening, eye popping, happy, cheerful, spring fairy dusting fininishes and wip's!

    Thinking of you and A today!

  3. I feel your pain - it's so cold here and working on a summer quilt is just what the doctor ordered. Nice fabric and nice work!

  4. these blocks look great. i love the colors and fabrics

  5. Beautiful Spring Colours. They are so fresh looking. You must be impatient waiting for the fabric to arrive : ) Hope you have a nice weekend !

  6. You have been very busy this week haven't you?

    I'm loving the colors in both quilts, and am looking forward to following your progress!

  7. I llove your color selections for this quilt

  8. Oooh that looks great! Love those fabrics.


  9. This is coming along nicely. Very pretty!


  10. Love both of these! I see the rail fence one (is that like the Old Red Barn Co. quilt along she did over the summer?) I bought all my fabrics to make one of those but of course have so many other projects I'm working on, it's it's on the back burner! But I do love that pattern for a quilt. Can't wait to see yours done!

  11. Your fabric selection is beautiful! So cheery.


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