Friday, October 30, 2009

Curtains on the Cheap

I am loving a new site that is....well...real. If you are interested in being real (read: free from unrealistic, perfectionistic, and idealistic chains) here is that great blog. I think that I am ready to be honest with you all, my life is not perfect, but I enjoy the many blessings God has given me. Evidence that I am, in fact, imperfect. Neglected curtains. These curtains were on the door when we bought this house when we bought it eight year ago. They have been washed, but not recently. I tried to get a good picture of the cobwebs between the window and the curtains! But lately it has become apparent that if I washed them, I would have to do something about them!! Honestly, curtains and under ware are hateful. We need them, but the cost too much. I would rather buy fabric and make quilts!! Now, there is the idea!!!

Made it from fabric that I already had!!! With I could say nothin' but scraps, but, we're being honest here!! The large swath of fabric was stash. The rest, even the back flannel, was scrap. Yes, you read that right, flannel, cause that is what I had. A warm cozy quilt for my window.By the way, this is not my original idea. After all, we are being honest here. I brilliant friend The Lord has blessed me with several) came up with this idea for making blinds when they bought a house that needed curtains in every room. Ouch! That hurts the pocket book. The quilting was all that was my idea. About 2/3 of the way down, I sewed on these little rings. Had them already. They are found in the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby.

At the top corners, two more rings and cup hooks into the wood. I did have to buy cup hooks, under two dollars for 4 at WalMart.

Here is what they look like when up. New curtains in a day. I love them. But then there is beauty in simple imperfection.

Hope you stop by amlouwho and see all the other sew and tell!




If I figure out how to quilt underware, you all will be the first to know.


  1. This is exactly what I want to do to my living room curtains that don't work--turn them into shades! Thanks for a little nudge to just get in there and do them.

  2. Great idea!! Love it!!! Keep me posted on the underwear quilting ;-))

  3. LOL Oh my gosh, that could BE my front door curtain (right down to the torn rod pocket). Seriously!! And it's been there since we bought the house ELEVEN years ago! With all the sewing I do, you'd think I'd have made a new curtain by now, but no...

    There may be one in my future, though, after seeing how well yours turned out. Great project. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to go check out that blog now...

  4. What a great idea; well done! We used to have a curtain like yours for years as well, but fortunately we had to change the door:-)

  5. This really is a great idea! It turned out really cute. I like making curtains - it can be so much cheaper!

    thanks for sharing!

  6. great idea...i love the rings so that you can put it up. great finish

  7. Such a great idea and nice work - don't you feel virtuous? Go out and reward yourself by buying some more fabric! Say it's research for the quilted underwear project.

  8. They look lovely! I like that you added an additional set of rings so that you can let in some light. Great idea!

  9. great job!! Love the bright fun fabrics!


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