Monday, October 26, 2009

Beginnings of Endings

The Great Clean Out is winding down. This weekend I finished painting this shelf, and placed some of my stash on it. I even painted the lids of my button jars!!!! Holly Hobby and her friend guard the stash. I figure these little ladies probably contributed to my love of patchwork, so it is their responsibility to help me out!!! I got the shelf at Goodwill for $4.99. Yay! I was on a date with Treasure at the time. Double YAY!!!
The beginning of the end of the work on Summer Breeze is drawing to a close, quite literally!! She has told me she wants to be quilted with circles. I pulled out this book that I got at a library sale (I wish I could remember what I paid ;) ).

Found the circles that Summer was talking about.

And decided to be lazy and use this as a template. I am about half-way done.
Hope you all have a glorious Monday.


  1. I don't call that lazy -- I call it smart! I think the circles will look lovely on your quilt!


  2. I use plates as templates all the time! Genius!

    (I hate to put a damper on things, but I had one of those thread holders up and it got so dang dusty. Well, maybe that's a reflection on my housekeeping skills rather than the thread rack's fault so I'll just shut up now.)

  3. Love the finished product...lids, dolls, spools'thread and all. Those girls need to earn their keep! The plate is just exactly what your foremothers would have done!

    I'll call you later, dearie!


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