Friday, October 2, 2009

Sew and Tell Friday

I have survived. Barely. Today was a day to put on my big girl boots, pretend that I am all better, and go out there and get it all done. All of it. Mostly groceries. That is why the late post. I do not have the table quilt done as I had hoped, but I do have pictures of the jacket as promised!

Sorry for the horrible lighting, I just couldn't persuade the sun to cooperate! I also claim sickness as a reason for not modeling!!!The morning glory fabric was my favorite. So I used it for the binding as well. I still have a whole fat quarter left!!! This was great free-motion practice. I am a novice at machine quilting.To make up for not having the table quilt done, I thought that I would show you one of my early quilts. It was made for my kitchen, so of course it is purple!!! I hand quilted it. DISCLAIMER: When I first started quilting I thought that I would only hand quilt. My only problem with that is that my hands can't keep up with my head!!! LOL!!! So I am over it in a big way. I still love to hand quilt, just not everything.

Off to see every one's sew and tell. Join the fun by clicking on the Friday Sew and Tell button on the side bar!




  1. Thanks for sharing your projects. This is my first Sew and Tell Friday and for some reason I could not figure out how to link. Please go to if you'd like to see mine. Thanks.

  2. Poptarts? ZING! I am so there. Love the jacket...can't wait to see you wear it. Been praying for you all. Hang in there sis!

  3. The jacket looks great! I can see how the free motion machine quilting is a better way to keep up with your head! I don't know if I have the patience to hand quilt.

    Thanks for joining in today!

  4. i feel the same way about hand quilting...i love doing it but if i only hand quilted i would never get anything done. thanks for visiting me

  5. I love your jacket and your free motion quilting! I am practicing that a lot, still dificult though for me!


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