Thursday, October 22, 2009

If I'd had a Hammer,

I'd have hammered in the morning. I had a $5.00 Walmart vinyl tablecloth, and wanted to nail it up on the wall in my dinning room (a.k.a. my sewing room). Out of four hammers that we own, I was able to find exactly ZERO!! Treasure suggested that we meet Dee and her Hubby for ice cream (read: chocolate, duh!). After a quick call to Dee, I had a.....hammer in the evening. They came over to play er visit.
Dee came up with this great layout for "Summer Breeze". (Boy was I glad to get "If I had a Hammer" out of my head!) The only problem was that I wanted a bigger quilt, and I would have to buy more Charms. Not an option at this point, I want to quilt this thing!!!! I wanted to show this brilliance to you any way. She is such a great Sister-Chick!! One day I am definitely doing a quilt like this!

This is basically what we decided on. I needed to finish a few blocks. We decided to ditch the pink centered white blocks in favor of using more luscious florals up. Please note the distinct lack of a design wall....

I finished the blocks this morning, and used that hammer to get this baby up. (Thanks Dee!!)

See, doesn't that look better!! All it took was a hammer! I now have the first row together, and am determined to have the top together before I go to bed tonight. We will be out of town tomorrow, and so this is my Sew and Tell Friday. I will try to add the link tomorrow before I go!!



Edit: Here is that link. So many more people are playing be sure to look around!! What fun!!!


  1. Oh, so lovely! It really does look great up on that design wall.

  2. Sew glad to be of help, sis! The quilt looks great. I'm glad you came up with the idea of taking out the pink squares...makes a huge difference visually!

    If I don't talk to you today...have tomorrow...hope the weather's nice. Don't let any kids get washed away in a ravine or anything. LOL

    Love y'all lots. Dessert was too much!

  3. It looks beautiful both ways...I too love having the design wall, but my floor gets more play time. Have a great weekend. Will be back to visit soon!

  4. That will be one beautiful quilt -- love it! And I'll bet you're loving having a design wall, too. If only I had an empty wall somewhere in my house... lol Thanks so much for your visit and kind comment at my blog.

    Oh, and thanks for getting that song stuck in my head! LOL

    If I had a hammer... :o)

  5. i love the colors and floral fabrics in this. the layout that you came up with is so great. thanks for visiting today...i love to get comments.

  6. The quilt will turn out soooo cute no matter what the layout is. I love the sweetness of the fabrics you have incorporated.

  7. I think the colors and layout are great! TFS!

  8. Great layout of the blocks!!! Beautiful pattern and colors.

  9. such a cute quilt! And great idea for a design wall. I may copy you on that!

    Thanks for linking up!


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