Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Quilt Story...Part 1

Yesterday you only got to see the edge of this beauty. It was my Grandma's quilt. She didn't quilt it, but she always had these great 30's quilts on the bed whenever I would stay over night. They were always cool, soft, and smelled like Grandma's house. I would drift off to sleep looking at all the little figures on the fabric.Well, when we had to empty their house, I found that most of the quilts belonged to my Aunt, but this one was unclaimed, no one liked That Green. The entire back, the binding, and all of the stars are That Green!
I love That Green!!!

Every inch of it!

And, I love all those little bobbers, (is it just me or are the 30's reproductions heavy on the girly side?)

flower pots,

and daisies!

Here you can see the little tiny hand stitches. The binding is narrow. The batting, if there is any, is thin. I love that it is fading from love. I love that I get to see it every day as it hangs in my bedroom. I love that Treasure loves it too! (Smart man).

I hope that you all have old quilts for comfort, beauty, and wonderful memories.


  1. Wonderful quilt! And an awesome block! I wonder what the history of that block is. It would be so fun to do a modern version!

    And I LOVE that green, too.

    Very cool quilt!

  2. What a lucky girl you are! I loved seeing the fabrics..and I'm a fan of that green too! :)

  3. Beautiful quilt! Thank you for sharing your story :)

  4. Well, I think it is wonderful. It seems that either you love Nile Green or you hate it. No in between with that color.


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