Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The "Bountiful Blessings" Table quilt is done, and as I was noticing that I had a lot of scraps left over, I got to playing with them on my ironing board, and well, this happened!
Just started the machine quilting last night. Hopefully there will be something to share come Friday!
There has been sickness going around, but I am still managing The Great Clean Out. Yesterday a whole van load went to Goodwill. Ah, what a great feeling. I never have to clean, wash, or pick up that stuff again!!! Also, I am enjoying having more storage space, and hopefully better use of the things that I am keeping. It has helped to pretend that I am moving to a great new house, and that junk is absolutely not going with me!!!! LOL!!! No, I am not feverish.
One benefit to all this cleaning out is that my fat quarter stash got a new home!!

Notice the little plastic holey crates? Got the idea from Dee .
Notice the orange crate? I have been inspired by this quilt .
The small jar hold little letter stamps, and yes, the lid needs painting!! Do you see the edge of the quilt at the top of the picture. Check back tomorrow to see the quilt!


  1. I love getting rid of stuff, too -- when I can make the time to actually do it. Such a sense of freedom. You're right -- stuff I never have to pick up, clean, or take care of again!

  2. Morning KT! Love the table quilt. I'm so excited to come and see it! Once everyone is on the mend...won't that be fun. As for the project in progress...I'm clueless. LOL As usual...but I know it will be awesome. Purging. What a wonderful word. Spent yesterday just rearranging what we have. Pack rats all here! Your storage space looks so organized! And I love that quilt! Maybe I can take one of mine that matches and we can have dueling quilts? LOL

    Talk to you later, sis!


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