Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Finish...

Not yet finished making my blocks.  Loving the pattern, hating the bias.

As I finish the block sets, I am squaring up and putting the rows together.  Loving how they look!  Starting to get sick of working on them.

So, for a bit of distraction, I pulled these back out.  Blast from the past!  These just need to be squared and put together into a top.  They are even already marked with their order.  I got discouraged when I realized that a 96" by 108" quilt was never going to fit under my machine.  I think that I am going to try to find wool batting and send it off to the long arm quilter.  This will be our winter quilt for our bed.

Three rows finished!  Kinda breaking up the Kaleidoscope Monopoly of my sewing time!

Squares cut for an Itty Bitty block.

Finished fabric shopping with my Super Sister Chick Dee (well, for today anyway)!  ;0)
Bought the backing for Treasure's Neptune Quilt.

These lovelies also found their way into my fabric shopping bag.  (Still loving it Amy!)  The top two fabrics are for my Paganelli Pile, the bottom two are for stash, and the little fat eighths are for my scrappy double hourglass quilt.

Okay, so nothing really finished, but they will be and I am enjoying every minute of it!!




  1. Knowing you as I do...I'll let the for the day comment's forever sistah! Whether you like it or not! lol

    Had so much fun. Much needed breath of fresh air and fun!

  2. What beauties you are sewing!!! You have an amazing eye for colors.....wish I had it :)
    thanks again for the inspiration!!!

  3. I consider those finishes ;-) Sometimes it's necessary to take a break from a particular project. Really like the kaleidoscope blocks. Those JP fabric purchases are lovely. How fun to go fabric shopping with a friend!


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