Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy Summer

Been spending some time assisting a Lovely with her 4-H project.

I teach by doing, which is touchy when you are supposed to let them do it all.  So I have worked a step ahead of her, and now have a couple of skirts for a couple of Lovely Littles!

We have had fun, and frustration.  The pattern was The Girly Skirt by Pink Fig Patterns.  Worked up easily, and is sooooooo cute.  Especially in Lecien!

Hoping to get to piecing my Neptune Kaleidoscope Quilt after finishing the waistbands in the skirts.  It has been wonderful teaching with my sewing machine, but it will be awesome to have my machine back to myself too!!

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  1. very cute fabrics for the skirts! fun, even when it is coupled with frustration, is a good thing! :)

  2. Cute!! Frustration and confusion are good! It means you are learning something. Have fun! :)

  3. Cute little skirts! And I can't WAIT to see your Neptune kaleidoscope, love love love that line. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  4. I haven't made a skirt in a while (my daughter is 9) but I enjoy seeing them. So cute!

  5. i can not wait to see your neptune quilt. i love that fabric


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