Friday, July 29, 2011

Avoiding Bias....

Last Sunday I avoided bias by going antiquing with Dee and her family.  We both loved this chair.

Saw some great quilts.

Dee held this one up for a picture.

By Monday I was avoiding bias by working on my Itty Bitty Project.  By the time I finished the block on the bottom left (Flower Garden) bias was beginning to look fun!


Tuesday, I avoided bias by going to King's Island.  Riding roller coasters in 100 degree heat is bound to take your mind off bias!!  While there, I noticed how handy drawstring backpacks are.  But, being hot, I was not longing for the synthetic variety.


Wednesday, I avoided bias by using a charm pack that I won from my LQS to make this super-cute, non-sysynthetic, drawstring backpack.


I used solids that I won earlier this year.  Since there were no notions used, this bag was free!!!
I think that the charm pack was Just Wing it by Mo Mo.

Thursday, I avoided bias by tidying up the sewing corner.  This great basket organizer was a wonderful gift from a quilty friend.  Thanks Shannon!!

Picked this up at Marshall's for some scrap management.

I really like that I can slide the baskets out.

I love that it slides out of the way under my ironing board.

So finally, I needed to face the bias.  I think that I will likely use a gallon of starch on this quilt. 

Four rows down, four rows to go.  I am determined to finish this soon, bias and all!!




  1. Your progressing right along-looking forward to the finished piece. You do beautiful work.

  2. You sound like me, I am always doing the things I don't need to to avoid the things that need to get have done alot of fun stuff!!

  3. I am queen of avoiding things that I fear or worry I can't do right!
    and it looks like I need to make a trip to Marshalls to copy your organization tip :) I love your beautiful projects :)


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