Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flu Shots and Fabric Shops

After flu shots, Frosties, and ferocious whining, I needed to stop at the quilt shop. I needed needles, bobbins, and batting to finish a quilt. They have a 40% off room. Must peek!!! Score, one of my favorite Freshcuts. Now I have enough to finish the back of that quilt, when I buy the mondo batting, when I work through UFO's.......rats.
Here is a peek at the quilt. I don't even have all the blocks done yet. But I love them! This alone would make the trip a success. But wait, there is still more!!! I bought my sewing machine there earlier this year, and I am still getting 10% off everything that I buy. Apparently this was not enough, on Tuesdays at this particular quilt shop, you get a free fat quarter with purchase. Yesterday was Tuesday!!!!! I didn't see much for myself but I got something for my Tweet buddy......

She is twitterpated!!!
Many blessings,


  1. Not sure if I'm more upset you didn't invite me...or more excited that your birdbrained pal will be getting a gorgeous little fat quarter! LOL This is an awesomely bright fabric...maybe something south of the border in my future? Love, ya.

  2. Good reminder -- a new sewing machine needle is probably in order for me as well. I haven't had to buy rotary cutter blades for a long time (it's a long story), but finally needed to yesterday. Wow! I had forgotten how expensive they are! I just ran into a Joanns (and I HATE that store), but I bought a package of 5 blades for $31.99 and got a second package of 5 for free. That helped a little. How beautiful is that Fresh Cut?


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