Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quilty Admissions

Virginia Star Itty Bitty

Okay, so after neatly avoiding (though I LOVE it) the Farmer's Wife craze, I have fallen victim to another quilt a long!  I know, you are all shocked.  Finished this one last night.

Greek Cross Itty Bitty

Completed this one this morning.  I really felt called to add some purple to this project.  (Again, I know you are all shocked!)   ;0)

Here they are playing so nicely together.  I hadn't expected to even do this many so soon, but I find I need a little stress relief from...

BIAS!!!!!!!!!  I am loving the look, but apparently my scant 1/4 inch isn't scant enough, or I have stretched them somehow.  I am getting bulls eye warping.  Only thing I know to do at this point is starch the*&@! out of them.  I still love the pattern, and adore the fabric, but I am disappointed in the outcome.  I will press on!  -Pun intended!-  One day I will even do this pattern again and get it right!!!!!  (Why did the "Eye of the Tiger" just start playing in my head?)

Oh, and one last admission.  I am horrible at random.  Can't do it...something about control.  So, I have a whole schematic drawn up with a complex organizational pattern to make it look....random.  Dee would affirm that I am a little neurotic.

Other WIPs (aka "The Doo-doo List):

1.  Binding on April Showers May Flowers---still.
2.  Catch up Birdie Stitches Blocks---still on February.
3.  Quilt Grandma's Peacock---still intimidated to work on a precious antique.
4.  Make a grocery bag pattern.

Well, break is over.  I will be working on these among household chores today!!

Be sure to use the handy WIP button to visit the other lovely WIP's to encourage you to start finish some of your own!




  1. Love the Neptune fabrics...can't wait to see your overall design!! And I totally agree with you...bias is a pain in the rear!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :o)

  2. Love seeing all your blocks...and no, I'm not surprised by the addition of purple fabric;-) They all look great! Are the first three for the Summer Sampler Series? I chuckled when I read about your planning the randomness of the kaleidoscope blocks!

  3. That IS a funny comment about your extensive planning to make things look....random. I totally get that. Press on...

  4. You are sooo good getting that many Farmers wife blocks done! I am not going to cave...I can't! lol
    Loving all your projects and thank you for the heads up about the WIP link and finishes and such...I NEED that!

  5. haha! i am not very good at random either. my latest little project is nice, but kinda "not me". it was my first try at "random" when it comes to crafting. will try again, but i do have to add a little bit of organization to it too.

    i have been so tempted to join the FW group, but time keeps me from doing it. the blocks are just wonderful!

  6. Hehe! Hey! At least making a cool-o quilt is a very healthy way to channel our neuroses!

  7. Oh, your kaleidoscope quilt looks so wonderful! Love love love Neptune! I'm sure once you get it quilted and washed, those warped center points will work themselves out. Your Summer Sampler Series blocks look amazing too, glad you're joining us! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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