Saturday, July 9, 2011

This, That, and the Other

Over the holiday, my family went with Dee's family to an antique mall before going to watch fireworks.  I saw this quilt, and had never seen the stars in the circle like that.  This may be on my bucket list!  Anyone know what the pattern is called?

The poor quilt was so loved and tattered that it is no longer useful, so I didn't bring it home.

I did bring this home though!  She is a 5 quart!  I only paid $12.50.  Now I am finally able to make double batches of our favorite meals.  This way I am off cooking duty through the weekend!!!  Great use of the money if you ask me!!  She is holding Chicken Teriyaki that was a recipe posted on a long ago that I forgot where.  It is one of our very favorite meals.

Spotted all these aprons yesterday at Marshall's.  They were around $13.00, great if you need an apron, not so great if you just want to pillage the designer fabrics!! 

As I dug through the racks, I just saw more and more.

Can you believe it?

Everywhere I look, I see the Farmers Wife Quilt A Long.  I long to join, but really don't have the time, or need the guilt...

I plan on borrowing the book from the library to read all the fun stuff.  I just have so many patterns already that I should get more use out of.  But oh, those small blocks are cute!!  So I made a list of 12" blocks that I have access to, yup 47!!!  Told you I shouldn't buy another book!  So my plan is to reduce them by 50%, as well as collect some more (without buying more patterns).  This is going to be a scrap project, and it may not be finished for many years. 

The first block that I have done was from an ipod app!!  The app is called Block Fab.  You should check it out if you have an ipod, iphone, or ipad.  It took all the guess work out of reducing a block from its library.

Of course, I still had to make the block!!

It gave me a little break from this!  Now I am on to adding the background to these!!
Boy am I loving this quilt!!




  1. That Corning Ware 5 qt casserole dish was a Steal !~! I love it and the idea of making ahead and freezing is how my husband has been cooking since he retired in 2005. Various veggies with rice and (mostly) dark meat chicken. Makes seven or eight bowls at a time and he just nukes them when he gets hungry. Per-fect.

  2. YAY! its letting me post! I think I already told you how much I love that pot....your chicken teriyaki looks mighty yummy!
    I keep seeing that farmers wife quiltalong too but I KNOW I should not start that one! ;)


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