Monday, September 28, 2009

Up Next

All that is left to do on my jacket is hand sew the binding toward the liner! I should be able to get that done today or tomorrow!

Up next is a fall quilt for my dinner table! Yay!

I have been saving these fabrics for some time. I am drawn to fall fabrics that have more purple, less orange. I love purple. I have noticed that I have snuck it into nearly every room in my house! Anyway, these have been hanging out in my stash for a couple of years, until...

I also love toile. The fact that this one is Pilgrims with the perfect colors (read: purple included)sent me to the moon! I hate to cut into it and ruin the beautiful picture, so I think that I will begin with this as a large square in the center! The other fabrics will go around in some sort of border!!! I think that I am just going to play!!

I just bought this at JoAnn's. I was shocked to find that it is Alexander Henry is from 2006. Why have I been missing this???? I was also hoping for a better selvage. But, I love it any way!!!

Many blessings,



  1. Eeks...woefully behind on your blog...since you're starting something new already! Still dig the fabric!

  2. I saw the toile at JoAnn's, too...and loved it! I thought it would make good place mats. I am interested in seeing what you make of it. Best of luck!

  3. Lovely fabric. That is going to be very nice.

  4. These fabrics are beautiful! I'm not normally a purple person, but I love this purple. This will be a very pretty fall table runner.


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