Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last of the Napkins

These little beauties are from scraps from Dee. This is my first attempt at machine applique. Please be merciful.

These are from Fresh Cut selvages. I love Heather Bailey Fresh Cut. I haven't finished the quilt yet, maybe using these napkins will inspire me!

Look closely, there is some Amy Butler Daisy Chain in there too.

The binding was so much fun. This will be the binding on the quilt too. Eventually....


  1. You knew I would love the flowered ones, didn't you! LOL They look great. Wishing now I had taken some of the linen...or at the least, had kids who knew what a napkin was and how it should be used...and had table manners...and chewed with their mouths closed...oh well, I'll just keep the Oxyclean close for the sleeves with all the food gunk from their faces on them! Love ya dearly!

  2. I broke down last night and ordered a package of Fresh Cut fat quarters and two mini jelly rolls. Don't know what I'm going to do with them -- yet -- but I just had to have them :).


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