Monday, September 21, 2009

I am still here.....

Well, sort of. The project has taken longer than I thought, though I am almost done piecing. Any guesses what it may be? If you already know, no fair spoiling the fun...Dee. Next the quilting!!!!
This is the first time that I used this to sew. What a wonder. My new favorite notion, er tool! So cheap. No, not cheep Dee, CHEAP!

This has been my on the go project. The hook, was my grandma's. Sorry to be so cryptic, but I can't tell you what this is either. Not even Dee knows!!!! (I bet you I get a call for that one!)

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  1. KT...even I am at a loss! I'm sure we talked about this...and it's becoming clearer...

    Hope we both get some sewing time in today...that children are feeling better, mommies on the mend and chocolate is somewhere in the house! Love and hugs from Aunti Dee


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