Monday, September 14, 2009

Scrappy Napkins

I have already put some of these pictures up on flicker last night, but waited to post. Cheating I know. The linen was from a rummage sale, $1.00 a yard! I am counting it as scrap, not mine, but somebody elses! This one is my favorite because it gives me a little chuckle. Look closely, and remember that this is a napkin!
These are babies from a quilt that is not yet together. I love feed sack reproductions! So cheerful!

Here is the set of civil war reproduction selvages. The binding is the last smidgen of one of my favorite fabrics. I ran out for one of the napkins. No problem, these are supposed to be fun and scrappy.

I have another set of these done, but haven't gotten a picture. Still another set (Fresh Cut Selvages!) need binding. Then I am done. There is one strip of linen left that may in the future become coasters. I am just kinda done with it for now!!
Just want to encourage anyone reading to let go of those "Rules of Quilting" and have some fun.


  1. Super cute napkins!

    I am just starting to quilt with the colorful fabrics too. I used to use the reproductions and I sewed the traditional quilt blocks, but the bright fabrics and fun designs are fantastic! So much fun!


  2. KT go! Love the napkins...are we going to see the flowered ones? LOL

  3. These are so cool! I LOVE that you've used the selvedges, looks very very cool indeed.


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