Friday, September 25, 2009

Finished....well almost.

Well, you can't tell it from the picture, but I will be done today with the quilting. I have chosen to quilt it pretty heavily. I would have been done sooner, but I had to make a thread run yesterday!!!! We have an appointment today, but when I get home, after supper, I have a date.
You can see here, sort of, how much quilting there is. Maybe too much, but I like it.

Here is the pattern that I am using, I bought it long ago at my local quilt shop. Hope there were others who participate in Sew and Tell Friday. Click on the button on the side bar to see what everyone else is finishing this Friday!!!!


  1. Oh I LOVE that! great job and I love the quilting you are doing on it!

  2. I hope you'll post a picture of the jacket on you!! Looks great! Thanks for playing along! Sorry it took me a few days to get over here!

  3. great quilting...those browns looks so nice together


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