Monday, February 6, 2012

Day of Rest

Yesterday we went to church, then came home and had a Super Bowl Party. After that life got crazy. Now there is sickness in the camp. So I have proclaimed, by executive order, today is a day of rest. In theory that means I should have time to sew. But I think I am getting a bad cold. Cold medicine and quilt blocks don't mix well for me.


I did manage to hit a 75% off quilting fabric sale. I tried to be a good girl. The larger cuts on the left are for summer clothing projects. I always make some girly skirts, and guide a couple 4-H projects. Since I don't stash large pieces, I would have had to buy these anyhow. The smaller stack on the right are the only pieces I allowed myself to stash. Over all I spent $95 less than I would have, the fabrics were about $2.50 a yard! Needless to say, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.




  1. totally love quilting sales like that!!! Feel better!

  2. Oh so sorry about you getting sick, I just got over the worst cold I have ever had! lots of rest and fluids!
    yay on your sale! love your fabric you decided on!

  3. Beautiful fabrics....what a fantastic sale!! Sorry for the sickness and sure hope you can ward it off.

  4. Pretty fabric you got there.....hard to believe they put that on the sale table ;-) Hope you are feeling better!


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