Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

I have been fluffing my nest in hopes that Spring isn't far off. Below is an old shelf that I bought on the cheap at an antique mall. It isn't really a fine piece, so I didn't feel a bit bad to have my friend drill me a hole for a cord.

Now it is a charging shelf for all our devices. Now if I can get the Fam. Trained to use it!

When it is warm enough to open the windows for ventilation, I am going to paint the shelf a soft yellow. I will probably paint the cupboards and change out the hardware out too.

I sewed a little liner for this basket. I think it was meant to use as a litter can, but we will be putting all our charging cords in it.

The fabric was from our last trip. Super cheap and super cute. I knew it would be a basket liner some day. Still have plenty for more!

I wasn't sure how to keep it in place, so there is just adhesive Velcro for now.

In all honesty, this area is a major clutter catcher. It has been piled to the windows many times. This is a big improvement. We are very short for storage at our house. Behind the curtain on the left is a small shelving unit holding computer software, cables, paper, and printer ink. On the right I store our coolers. We live about 20 minutes from the nearest supermarket. I use a lot of coolers in the summer to get frozen foods home...frozen.

The drawer broke in the middle unit. I cut them out and found this bin to hold library books. Right now it is holding other stuff. I will paint this too.

The material for these curtains was purchased for cheap on vacation too.

I did manage some quilty sewing this week. I worked on my Hunky Dory double hourglass blocks. Now I have 62 finished.

Twenty-two to go!

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  2. Those hourglass blocks look great! What a good idea for the shelf :)

  3. i love the lights pouring through the window! and that quilt is going to be so beautiful! can't wait to see the final product. :)


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