Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fabric Tuesday

It's been awhile since I played along with Fabric Tuesday. I miss it!

I have been admiring these cute x and + blocks popping up all over the Internet. There is supposed to be a great tutorial (I have it marked on Pinterest) but the site wouldn't show on my iPad. Being too lazy to go get my laptop out, I just made up my own dimensions. I am loving the scrappiness of this top!
This binding is leftover from the quilt that hangs near my table. Since this will be a table quilt for that table, the matching bindings will work nicely. No idea why, but I almost always make way too much binding. It turns out great because I end up feeling like I've gotten a free pass when I use it on another project!
I am considering making a new ironing board cover and playing along with Randi. My cover is looking pretty ratty. Between the spray starch, scorch marks, and holes, my Jennifer Paganelli Casey Scroll cover has seen better days. (Insert lip quiver here.) Since my board is not standard, and I am pulling fabric from stash, I am going to have to tweak the dimensions. My current cover is all in one. This time I am going to make the pad separate from the cover. Hopefully that will only mean making a new cover next time instead of the expense of a new pad every time.

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  1. How pretty! The colors are all you and I think it looks great. I keep thinking about making an ironing board cover but mine get ruined so quickly, I think it would get me too upset!

  2. Very cute! I love the blocks. Do you know of a free tutorial online?

    Stopping by from Quilt Story's link-up.


  3. Oooo so so pretty. Love this design!

  4. Off to get Ben, but I shore do love that new table quilt...and the fabric behind it too!

    Call ya later!

  5. I love your quilt, it is wonderful!


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