Friday, January 13, 2012

Wee Little Finishes

I have had this beautiful little panel in my to do basket along with all this wonderful fabric for awhile.  The panel was designed by Amy and I bought it through her Etsy shop.  She knew me well enough to know that I am a purple girl, so she gave me a little heads up.  Though she is no longer printing these panels, she has a beautiful array of printed lovelies.  I have bought several.  All are so wonderful that I want to make something to keep with them.  So that is probably why they languish in the selfish pile!  Well, at least this one is free!!  It came with great instructions for this wonderful quilt.  I did swap out one of the blocks for a courthouse steps block, which has a rose fussy cut in the center.

This stacked coins block was part of the pattern, and just to cute to resist. 

Did my usual cop-out and used decorative stitches on my machine to quilt.

Special fabrics on the back.  The middle strip is a scrap that Amy sent as a thank you for nosy interference a suggestion I gave her.  Love it Amy!  The lighter fabric is maybe old enough to be considered vintage?  My quilty partner in crime gave it to me, along with the purple paisley that I used for the binding.  The blue is from a lonely stack that was in an LQS every time I visited.  I noticed the neglected fat quarters over and over, liking them better each time.  Finally I brought them all home, and now they are nearly gone! 

I have discovered that on these little quilts I can make these pockets in the back corners, cut and sand a pinky-sized dowel to fit, and then use a regular picture hanger to hang.  Cheap, easy, and it shows nothing to detract from the quilt.

These are bound and ready to go to their new homes.  You can tell these aren't mine, they are red.  (Remember I am a purple girl.) 

Yup, that one is mine!

I really like all the little pieces.  I even enjoyed sewing the red.  Feels good to slip a few OOP scraps into a gift.

I can only show you the back of mine.  Otherwise I would be giving away secrets.  Theirs is pretty much the same, only the stripes are going horizontally.  I like the horizontal better, but cut one of the pieces wrong.  Used it on mine so I wouldn't have to re-cut....hey, it was late!!!  More OOP fabric for the tags.  Theirs are the same print, but in green. 

Oh, and the last thing I finished, apparently, is being thankful for a mild winter.  Our temperature is 18 degrees with a wind chill of 7.  Topped off with icy roads.  I think I'll stay in and sew tonight.

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  1. Thanks for making my print look so good and for your kind words.

  2. KT!!! everything is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I am in love with your decorative stitching...I need to try that on something I make, I always forget about mine on my machine :)
    brrrrr on that coldness! we are at high 60's to low 70's with's beautiful...perhaps you need a trip to AZ? ;)

  3. Those are great! And I love your decorative-stitch quilting. ;o)

  4. I have to say I enjoy the decorative stitching. Who wants just a strait line any way?

  5. I love your finishes and I agree with Richard, love the decorative stitches.

  6. Your panel quilt will be the perfect wallhanging in your sewing room! Love it!


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