Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scrap Therapy

The past week has been so tiring. Emotionally I am just spent. Nothing extraordinary, just life...people...unloving attitudes. Probably the same stuff you are all dealing with, because I know it is hard for us all.

So, though I had other things on my list for today, I played instead. Don't misunderstand, I called Dee too. She totally gets it. She is going through it too. Same stuff, second verse same as the first.

Last year my word/goal for the year was joy. I have been contemplating how to sum up what I learned, without sounding too negative. What I learned is truly a positive thing, it just looses much in translation.

I fell so short of clearly understanding joy. There was no mastery whatsoever. For quite some time I have found that very discouraging. I finally pulled up my big girl panties and asked myself what the Lord wanted me to learn from the past year.

The main thing that I forgot, was to rest. I need to rest in Jesus daily. Sometimes that is mentally realizing that I don't have to make it happen. He does. Many times that is physically listening to my body and stopping to rest. No one can have joy while tired and stressed to the limit and still trying to do it all.

I can't fix it all.
I can't know where it all is.
I can't clean it all.
I can't teach it all.
I can't cook it all.
I can't sew it all.
I can't be it all.

He didn't create me with the ability to solve it all. My mind is not created to dwell on it all. I will short circuit. My job is to trust Him, and love Him enough to obey His word.

He can fix it.
He knows.
He cleans.
He teaches.
I don't know if He sews, but He is amazing at knitting!
In Him it all came to be.

I need to rest in that. That is my word for the year. Rest. So if the blog goes quiet at times. You know what I am up to!

On a lighter note, I am totally paying penance for laughing at Dee dumping all her scraps on the floor to sort through them!

Shoulder to shoulder Dee, you and me!




  1. I stumbled across you blog tonight. This post was what I needed to hear. Been struggling with not being able to do it all. Rest! I forget about that.
    And, by the way,
    Genesis 3:21...Also for Adam and his wife the Lord God made tunics of skin, and clothed them.

    So, I guess He sews and knits!

  2. Thank you for this post. I needed it, too.

  3. Thanks for those WISE words? thanks for this lesson!!!

  4. Sorry to hear that you are in a rough patch, we certainly do all understand that! Rest is so important and something I fail at miserably. I know I need to work on that too.

  5. such a good post! i totally understand what you are feeling right now. and REST is such a perfect word! wow. thanks so much for your prayers, lora

  6. KTbug! Just read this to hubby sweets...we love you! What an awesome post. HS gave me a Bible verse yesterday when I took him breakfast because LIFE was just a tad bit overwhelimg and I needed a was about the Lord opposing those with a proud spirit and exalting a humble one.

    Maybe your goal should be humility and exaltation! You know I love you and appreciate your spirit. It will all work out. It might not all be better, but it will be okay and we'll always be Sister Chicks, Sister Friends, Bosom Companions and Best Buddies in crime!

  7. forgot to say the string blocks are gorgeous and I always love it when you can pay penance for making fun of me! lol

  8. Understand perfectly. Struggling with this myself and knowing when to get off the merry go round. Miss seeing you and talking to you. Miss seeing the girls each week. So much to continue to learn. Thankfully we have a patient Father! Yes I came out of lurking to comment. Aren't you surprised!
    Miss L.


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