Friday, January 6, 2012

Fast Finish

See the Paducah on the front?  I am wanting to go back!

Let me just begin by saying...I love Pinterest!  I found this iPad case tutorial on Pinterest.  Just to prove that Pinning isn't a total waist of time.  I made one.  Well, I guess I wanted a case too.  Now I am also following the blog this came from, The Polkadot Chair.  She has great stuff going on over there. 

Anyhow, Treasure and I got an iPad for Christmas.  I wanted fabric love for it.  Treasure didn't want to be seen carrying around a floral, quilty, girly, mess.  Go figure!  Keep in mind girls, if I made the worlds girly-est quilt for our bed he would be fine with it.  He would tell you he married a girl, and he expects her to be one!  (I really love this man!)  So when he drew the line at a floral case, it was really easy to respect.

The dimensions for the case were great.  There is just enough room that the iPad fits even with the Targus folio that we have for it.  Since we keep it in a sturdy folio, I was less concerned about protection.  Instead of the materials called for, I used scraps that I had on hand.  Fusible batting ironed to the outer pieces, and regular batting basted to the minki liner. 

I also swapped out the ribbon tie for something a little more...manly.  Don't tell Treasure that is a girls hairband!  The button was Grandma's.

I just love the black minki lining.  The Main fabric is Hometown by Sweetwater for moda.  Perfect because we love to travel, and quite manly.  The secondary fabric is basicgrey curio for moda, with just a nod to the girl using the iPad too.

The back is a bit of a mess up.  Once I got the back together (after ripping the zipper out at least once) I realized that the words were going to be upside down.  I just flipped the piece.  Only problem, now the zipper opens from the bottom up.  I am pretending not to notice because upside down words would have bothered me more, and I was not sewing that zipper AGAIN.

After finishing two big quilts in time for Christmas (I neglected to get a picture of my Mother-in Love's finished quilt), I was needing some small projects.  This fit the bill nicely.  I will have another to share as soon as I have time to hand sew the binding.  I will also have a giveaway coming up soon.  I think it will be a good one.

Be sure to use the button on the side bar to visit all the other finishes at Amy's.  I am also going to link up with crazy mom quilts for the first time.  Love those finishes.




  1. Ha! Ha! It sounds like Treasure and my husband are cut from the same cloth. :-) The iPad case is really great. I think the fabric is perfect.

  2. LOVE your Ipad case! and jealous that you have an Ipad! anything sewn with Hometown is a favorite of mine! ENJOY!

  3. Great Ipad the minky interior-keeps your Ipad cozy.:)

  4. Love the ipad case and the black fleecy lining is a wonderful idea!

  5. I love it! The fabric is perfect. Definitely fun, but not at all girly. Great job! :o)

  6. It looks great! I love the minky lining! Doesn't look girly at all! I would have been bothered by the words facing the wrong way too!

  7. Fantastic! I love that you and Treasure find ways to make it work in the fabric world ;)

  8. Great job, the fabric is great.

  9. Love how yours turned out! I did the same thing and made one using a lot from polka dot! Here is mine! I guess we had the same thought with the hair band and old button! Love your blog!


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