Wednesday, August 31, 2011



2. Peasant Blouse!  (Used this tutorial.)

Just wanted to show you a little detail, added the hem band with a little decorative stitching to make me smile.  Also added pockets, one for the cell phone, and one for the ipod!  :0)

3.  Freshcut blocks, three more rows to square up and piece into rows.

(Rows A-F done!)

4.  Baby Quilt--just have to list it on hubby's work classifieds.  Suggestions on price?!

5.  Neptune Kaleidoscope--needs a back, quilting and binding.

6.  Grandma's Peacock--needs me to get some nerve and FMQ it!

7.  Mother-In-Love's Quilt.  (Not enough to show you Sorry no picture yet!)

I have been grateful for WIP Wednesdays to keep my focus.  If you want inspirational motivation, just click on the WIP button on the sidebar for a fun little cyber show and tell!

Back to laundry, and groceries tonight!




  1. Kt, I have to say Joy's cover is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! Great combinations of fabrics, drooling over the Alexander Henry print, and love that ruffle! Lovely peasant clever to add pockets for the essentials ;-) Pretty picture of the three quilts. Will be interested to hear how you price the baby quilt...

  2. cute blouse! and i really like your freshcut blocks. so pretty!

  3. LOVE your blouse, so clever on the cell phone and ipod would go in the pockets too :) I would love to try that sometime! your quilts looks so pretty and sorry can't help with the price for the baby quilt but I bet it sells fast, who wouldn't want it?!!


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