Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Table Runner, Quilt, and a Blouse...Oh My!

First off, let me explain about the wacky array of pictures you are about to be subjected too witness.  I got up nice and early to take them, when it was too dark this morning.  Then I took some of them this afternoon, in the yard, when it was too light!  Well, I came inside and snapped a few more and decided beggars can't be choosers.

When I bought this fabric, I really wanted it to be something for my table.  I guess it is the cherries.  I just love how the soft blue and watermelon-pink play together.

This is the center block, which has an extra border to set it off.

I enjoyed tinkering with my decorative stitches and different thread colors.  Each of the end blocks is bordered with this floral vine that is probably my favorite decorative stitch.

I tried hard to capture the little pearly blue polka dots on the binding.

No amount of lighting changes could capture the soft washed out blue batik backing fabric.  Since I was keeping this piece, it had to have a scrappy back, even though I had enough batik fabric...weird huh?

I love how the decorative stitching fell on the back!

Really like the thread color change on the back too!

The original panel for the cherry print had 15 blocks.  Since I only used 3 for my table runner, I put the others to good use.  This sweet baby quilt maybe the first quilt I sell.

Used that floral vine, but kept to only pink thread.

I used a machine feather stitch on the inner block.  Love those bunnies too!!

The sashing and the backing are white one white, and I love how it makes the pink quilting thread look!

I also have this Nicey Jane blouse that I am trying to finish up.  The scraps are already cut into charm squares though.  (Does that make another WIP?)


1.  Nicey Jane Blouse.
2.  Treasure's Neptune Kaleidoscope Quilt.
3.  Grandma's Peacock.

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  1. Oh, the runner and quilt are very sweet! I love soft colors like that.

  2. I keep saying I need to do the WIP posts...I have way too many WIP and maybe that would motivate me :)
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tablerunner, it's sooo pretty!

  3. KT, these are beautiful projects!!! I especially like how those decorative stitches look on the front AND the back of the runner and quilt.


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